Chris Bowden, Country Manager Indonesia of Cathay Pacific Airways. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA

Famously known as one of the world’s most leading airlines, Country Manager Indonesia of Cathay Pacific Airways, Chris Bowden spoke to NOW! Jakarta about the airline’s mission and core values that contribute to the development of the world’s travel and tourism industry.

The growth in tourism industry is directly connected to air transportation, and aviation is a key driver of global economic development. As one of the world’s leading airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways has shown a strong commitment in developing economic growth in the travel industry by enhancing passenger experience and the airline products as well as boosting global connectivity through some new ultra-efficient aircraft designs and outstanding services. 

“I am proud to say that there has been a significant growth in our full-service amenities,” Chris stated. “For us, taking people on a journey is a key factor to achieve our brand mission, ‘Move Beyond’. Not only are we connecting people from one place to another but also, we’re helping to take them to the next step of their lives. We want to make people feel valued not only as passengers, but as part of who we are and what we do.” 

From pilots to flight attendants to ground crew, Cathay Pacific Airways boasts amazing team members with the potential to deliver great services. The airline also offers the most nonstop services to Hong Kong and beyond including the newly-launched routes to Seattle, Washington DC, and Brussels with the addition of three new seasonal routes to Cape Town, South Africa starting from 13 November – 28 February 2020 as well as to Niigata and Tokushima, Japan until 28 March 2020.

Cathay Pacific provides up to four daily services from Jakarta to Hong Kong and daily services from Surabaya and Denpasar, Bali to Hong Kong, thus connecting Indonesia to more than 200 destinations in the world. In addition, Chris shares his enthusiasm and ambition that the airline goes above and beyond make the journey an unforgettable experience in any class of service in a way that makes people look forward to getting on the plane. 

Giving a vital role in facilitating economic growth, particularly in developing high comfort level of passengers through impeccable services on board and on the ground, Chris signified that this is such an incredibly important hub as Cathay Pacific Airways makes it essential for global business and tourism. “I think we have a really important position in Indonesia – we’ve flown here for 50 years, and have grown as Indonesia has grown, letting us understand in detail how to provide a meaningful travel experience. We are looking forward with confidence to another 50 years and more,” the Country Manager added.

As Cathay Pacific Airways continues to forge business strategy that entails investment on new airplanes designed to achieving goal of carbon neutral growth, the airline is also committed to taking a leading role to create a more sustainable aviation industry which involves sustainable sourcing, waste management and careful consideration of resource usage. Sustainability takes place in overall performance, such as avoiding 78,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year since 2004 by reducing the weight of our catering equipment, removing of 18.7 million plastic straws and stirrers in 2019 and lowering 25% fuel consumption from the 70 new aircraft that will replace older aircraft up to 2024.

Delivering his unique insights about flying with Cathay Pacific Airways, Chris also expressed his great admiration about Indonesia, “Indonesia is one of the friendliest countries I have lived in and I think that reflects well in Cathay Pacific’s service as well – complimenting the genuine hospitality that Indonesia showcases. We’ve got incredible teams to help make people’s journeys unforgettable experiences.”

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