After the Grand Mosque and Ecopark at Pantai Indah Kapuk 2, Agung Sedayu Group (AGS) is continuing its commitment to provide a travel destination and township that is inclusive for all residents with diverse backgrounds and beliefs, opening a catholic prayer garden,  ‘Taman Doa Hati Tersuci Maria’, at La Riviera PIK2. 

Inaugurated by the Archbishop of Jakarta, Ignatius Cardinal Suharyo, on 5 May 2023, Taman Doa Hati Tersuci Maria offers a relaxing destination for Catholics who seek a spiritual space. Onwards, this prayer garden will be under Regina Caeli’s maintenance and management. 

Taman Doa Hati Tersuci Maria is located across Tokyo Riverside Apartment, near residential clusters and restaurants such as Food Street, Karnivor and Nanny’s Pavillon. Other facilities surrounding the prayer garden also include the Central Business District (CBD) area, Educity, Indonesia Design District (IDD), Erajaya Digital Complex (EDC), Centre Point, Greenbelt and PIK2 Community Park. Visitors are welcome to visit any day of the week between 07.00 AM to 10.00 PM.

The prayer garden pairs natural stones with arches and pillars, reflecting the continental design most commonly found in Europe. Upon entrance, the statues of St Gregory the Great and St Emma, will be welcoming visitors to Taman Doa Hati Tersuci Maria. In the centre lies a pond with a statue of Jesus Christ walking on water and on its bank, a sculpture shaped like a palm to depict the miracle of feeding 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. One one end, stands a pillared platform to picture Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. 

Taman Doa Hati Tersuci Maria also features prayer areas with the statues of Jesus and Mother Mary, in which visitors can reflect in devotions alongside offerings of flowers and candles. A small on-site store provides these items, souvenirs, and related paraphernalia created by the  differently-abled community from Deus Caritas Est to enhance the reverential experience at the  serene prayer garden. At the heart of the garden, visitors can journey through a winding pathway following the  procession in Stations of the Cross. This series of fourteen carvings narrate Jesus’ path to crucifixion on the cross, following the traditional Via Dolorosa route in Jerusalem. This  story teaches us the importance of loving one another as an equal. 

Taman Doa Hati Tersuci Maria is not the only place of worship in the PIK area. Currently in the  pipeline is Ecopark PIK2, set to sprawl across a 54-hectare land with a 23.5-hectare lake at its heart.  Ecopark PIK2 consists of eight zones for places of worship supported by nine themed retail areas, all connected with pedestrian walkways and water taxis. Adorned with beautiful landscapes, thematic architecture, and various places of worship,  Ecopark PIK2 welcomes all religions and faiths into one destination. Hopefully, everyone can  learn to appreciate the diversity of cultures in Indonesia and globally.  

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