Indonesia’s prominent chef and Junior Master Chef Indonesia judge Chef Bara Pattiradjawane has created sumptuous dishes for snack enthusiasts, especially those who favor Mister Potato Crisps. Using the new variant, Mister Potato Crisps Sweet Potato, Chef Bara presented ideas on how to enjoy the crisps differently.

Coinciding with the launch of Mister Potato Crisps Sweet Potato in Indonesia, Chef Bara has introduced three dishes: Purple Nachos Salsa, which accentuates the strong taste of salsa sauce, Purple Panna Cotta Puding, suitable to be enjoyed on any occasion, and Purple Velvet Ohlala Cupcakes with light cream.

According to Chef Bara, sweet potatoes are the kind of carbohydrates that come with a flexible taste, and therefore it is easy to create various dishes using it as basis. Their beautiful light purple colour only add to the uniqueness of the dishes as they look more interesting and colorful. Moreover, they have a rich, almost wine-like flavor but are denser and drier than regular sweet potatoes.

Chef Bara said that he will continue to make more creations based on Mister Potato Crisps Sweet Potato ingredients, which can be seen on his website.

PT Pacific Food Indonesia has brought the latest flavor variant of Mister Potato Crisps Purple Sweet Potato to Indonesia aftersuccessfully launching it in other ASEAN countries. The company also appointed Chandra Liow, one of Asia’s Top Influencers 2017 according to YouTube as CEO of Mister Potato to oversee its Digital Marketing Strategy in 2017.

Sari Widiati

Sari Widiati

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