There are many things to consider before you decide the best school for your kids. However, having relevant information about the available schools must be on the top of your list. Information about the school’s location, facilities, and most relevant curriculum must be gathered before you make a decision. Here we have a list of some of the best international schools in Jakarta, along with some useful information about them for you.

Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS)

A teacher is reading a storybook for her children.
The quality of the teacher in the international schools is one of the most important factors in choosing a school for your children.
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Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) was founded in 1951 as the Joint Embassy School. It then became Jakarta International School in 1978 and Jakarta Intercultural School in 2014. The school has three campuses around Jakarta: Pattimura Elementary, Pondok Indah Elementary, and Cilandak Middle and High School. Their biggest campus in Cilandak is nestled in 20 hectares of lush tropical gardens.

JIS offers students a full range of athletics, performing arts, visual arts, and academic extracurricular opportunities. The school also has numerous student led clubs, trips, and initiatives that focus on making a difference to the environment, the community, and animals in need.

Accredited by the Council of International Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, all JIS graduates earn a High School Diploma, and the majority pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma or take individual Advanced Placement courses concurrently. With their indoor and outdoor learning systems, JIS prepares students for the world’s best universities and real-life challenges through a global learning environment, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities on their three garden-like campuses.

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Nord Anglia International School (NIS Jakarta)

Teachers, students, and their parents having a good time in the school park.
Relationship between parents, students, and the school must be maintained to make sure that the students receive everything they need.
Photo courtesy by Nord Anglia International School (NIS) Jakarta/NOWJAKARTA

Nord Anglia International School (NIS) Jakarta is part of Nord Anglia Education, one of the world’s leading premium schools organisation. It’s located in an expat-packed area in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Community is a keyword. They have 300 students here in Jakarta with 32 different nationalities. They also have a “Global Community” system that allows their students to interact with other Nord Anglia students all over the world. However, NIS Jakarta also offers personalised teaching methods in order to make the students have a deeper understanding of what is being taught at the school.

NIS Jakarta offer pre-nursery up until year 7 of elementary school classes with ages starting from 1.5 years up to 12 years old. For those age groups, NIS Jakarta specially designs the school to be a fun environment. The classrooms and other outdoor facilities are made to allow the students to enjoy being at school.

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British School Jakarta (BSJ)

Three students with various background nationalities wearing Indonesian traditional clothes.
One of many benefits in sending your children to international schools is that they will learn both about the local and international facts.
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British School Jakarta (BSJ) is probably the largest school campus in Greater Jakarta area. Located in Bintaro Sektor 9, Jl. Raya Jombang-Ciledug, Pondok Aren, Tangerang 15227, BSJ offers Primary and Secondary school curricula, ending in a full IB programme.

BSJ sits on 18 hectares of land. With an area that spacious, they have room for dedicated areas for primary, secondary and specialist studies, such as languages and performing arts. There’s also a theatre complex that includes two stages, a dance studio, and rehearsal and make up rooms. As for sporting facilities, BSJ has five tennis courts, extensive grass and artificial playing fields, covered areas for games, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The Sports Centre contains courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton, a gym, and a weights room.

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Australian Independent School (AIS)

Four students from different background nationalities walking together entering a school.
Being in a diverse environment since a young age, the students of international school will be easier to accept the difference in all aspects of life.
Photo courtesy of Australian Independent School (AIS) Jakarta/NOWJAKARTA

Australian Independent School (AIS) has been operating in Indonesia since 1996. Bringing the Australian curriculum, AIS offers a chance for their students to experience inclusive international education. Based on the Australian Cuririculum and best teaching practices, the AIS academic programme is designed to form a solid foundation from which young people may reach their potential and enter the world as confident and compassionate citizens.

Today, AIS has three campuses in Indonesia: AIS Kemang (Preschool to Year 6) and Pejaten (High School) in Jakarta and AIS Bali (Preschool to Year 12 of High School). All of AIS’ students are challenged to strive for educational excellence in every aspect of a their life, both academic and non-academic. Hence, they offer a wide variety of activities including sports, music, arts, and community.

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New Zealand School Jakarta

Two students engage in creative activity.
The curriculum in international schools allow the students to study in a different way.
Photo courtesy of New Zealand School (NZS) Jakarta/NOWJAKARTA

Subjects about Indonesia are an integral part in New Zealand School (NZS) Jakarta. While applying the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) in their teaching method, the teachers of NZS are encouraged to include everything about Indonesia both inside and outside the classroom. Founded in 2002, NZS aims to introduce the well-rounded and progressive side of NZC to the young learners of all nationalities in Indonesia.

NZS has three school levels: early years, primary, and secondary, with latter to be introduced in the 2019/2020 school year.

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Each school has its own plus and minus points so it’s up to you and your children’s specific needs to decide which one is the best. However, if you are new expats living in Jakarta, you may need help choosing which one is good for you. For expats who need assistance in settling in Jakarta, including choosing the right school for their children, EMC Indonesia is there to help.

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Stay tuned next month as we look at some more of the best international schools in Jakarta.


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