A Colourful Tribute To Federico Fellini

Artemis Danza, one of the most prominent contemporary dance companies in Italy, came to Jakarta in late October to present “I Bislacchi–A Tribute to Fellini” at Ciputra Artpreneur Theater.

The one-night-only show, dedicated to renowned Italian film director and screenwriter Federico Fellini, involved six Italian dancers and was inspired by Fellini’s movies “La Strada” (1954), “La Dolce Vita” (1960), “8 ½” (1963), “Amarcord” (1973), “Casanova” (1976) and “Intervista” (1987). Fellini, whose work in film earned him 12 Oscar nominations and four wins, had a distinct style, blending fantasy and baroque images. The vibrant performance was dominated by vivid colours, especially evident in the dancers’ opulent costumes that seemed to be in line with one of Fellini’s most famous quotes: “Colours are an integral part of the language of dreams, they translate the ideas and concepts and each colour carries its own message.”

“I Bislacchi–A Tribute to Fellini” was part of the 16th worldwide celebration of Italian Language Week. In Indonesia, the theme was “Italian and Creativity: Brands and Costumes, Fashion and Design” and the event was supported by the Italian Embassy in Jakarta, the Italian Cultural Institute and Ciputra Artpreneur. “We are proud and lucky to have an Italian exhibition here in Jakarta,” said Michela Linda Magri, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute. “It is a good opportunity to express ourselves through culture.”