Get ready for a celebration of Indonesian creativity and craftsmanship as Ondel-Ondel Bazaar makes its return on Tuesday, 23 April 2024, at Hotel Kristal in Pondok Indah, Jakarta.

This vibrant event is set to showcase the rich diversity of Indonesian products with local artisans proudly presenting their handcrafted treasures. From intricately designed handicrafts to trendy fashion items, accessories, invigorating aromatherapy, and a delectable array of food and beverages, Ondel-Ondel Bazaar has it all. 

Explore aisles adorned with unique creations, reflecting the artistry and heritage of Indonesia. Whether you’re on the lookout for distinctive souvenirs, stylish accessories, or delicious treats, the bazaar has something for everyone. 

Not just a shopping extravaganza, Ondel-Ondel Bazaar aims to make a positive impact by welcoming beloved vendors, including the Wisma Cheshire Foundation. By supporting these vendors, attendees can contribute to meaningful causes and make their purchases even more meaningful.

To enhance your shopping experience, the organisers are also offering a complimentary tote bag to all attendees. This eco-friendly gesture adds an extra touch of warmth to the event, allowing visitors to carry home their newfound treasures in a sustainable and stylish manner.

The bazaar opens its doors from 09.00 AM until 05.00 PM, with the added bonus of free-entry for all, anyone can partake in the fun.  Mark your calendars and visit the Ondel-Ondel Bazaar for a day filled with cultural immersion, artistic exploration, and the joy of discovering Indonesia’s finest products.

To get the latest information please follow @ondelondelbazaar on Instagram. 

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