Japan’s informal restaurants, spaces where people gather after work for a drink and a light meal, are called Izakaya. While these are often compared to European tapas bars or pubs, in their own right, these restaurants are a genre on their own. Ebisuya is one of them.

Bara Chirasi Don, a very generous mix of fresh cut fish, marinated salmon roe, tobbiko and vegetables over sushi rice. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

With branches in Lippo Village Karawaci  and in West Jakarta, Ebisuya offers a range of Japanese favourites – with the volume turned up. The Lippo Village location is large, joined with the group’s other restaurant. Flanked on either side of the upper floors, the Japanese restaurant is typical of the aesthetic we all know and love. Light wood, traditional and western seating and private rooms with lots of light await the starved diner who is spoiled for choice here. Enter the space and admire the bold, bright artwork splashed along the walls that add to the warmth of the restaurant – which is also, I must add, reflected in the service here.

Helmed by Chef Matsuzaki Mitsuhiro, Ebisuya offers a wide selection of premium quality meals and alcohol. Using traditional Japanese techniques, the menu is put together and features an innovative array of dishes that are sure to tempt one’s senses. Here you will be served Bara Chirasi Don, a very generous mix of fresh cut fish, marinated salmon roe, tobbiko and vegetables over sushi rice. A set menu, it arrives at the table with miso, chawan mushi and pickles.  A satisfying dish, one is immediately struck by the freshness of the fish, the large portions and the accompaniments that round out the flavours presented.

Chef Matsuzaki Mitsuhiro.

Another dish on offer here is a plate of grilled chicken dishes or yakitori. Including thighs, minced balls, liver and intestine, these individually grilled portions are perfect for those who may prefer more land-based proteins. Perfectly spiced with Japanese umami flavours, it is a take on chicken that is surprisingly delicious.

Paired with a Yuzu soda (Japanese citrus syrup and soda) the meal is perfectly complemented indeed. In addition, there are traditional Japanese favourites like various sushi dishes, soup-based mains and others, all of which are incredibly delicious and well-worth ordering for either lunch or dinner.

Ebisuya at Lippo Village
Maxx Box Lippo Village UG Floor #02
Jl Boulevard Jendral Sudirman 1110
T: +62 896 2221 1864

Ranjit Jose

Ranjit Jose

Ranjit is a previous Editor of NOW! Jakarta. A cultural journalist and anthropologist by training, he has reported on arts and culture for a variety of publications in the USA and Indonesia.