The main function of a school is to educate, yet trilingual Tzu Chi Secondary School, where classes are held in Indonesian, Mandarin and English, aims higher. Its vision to build skills, knowledge and attitude is manifested in the way the school encourages students to directly practice the values of courtesy and kindness in daily life.


There is a growing appreciation among society that learning is a holistic experience. Life lessons and morals are important elements in developing a student’s character, also in regard to achieving academic success.

Tzu Chi refers to this way of learning as character building centered on humanistic values. Traits like respect, gratitude and serving others help to nurture young people. Once they graduate from school, they will have the determination to fight against inequality in the world and be concerned with global issues.

As an IB World School, Tzu Chi Secondary School is committed to deliver a world-class education of the highest quality, linked to a humanistic experience that nurtures future leaders.

On 4 February between 9 am and 1 pm, Tzu Chi Secondary School will hold an event titled “A Vision for the Future” on their campus in Jakarta where it will share its commitment and vision to work together with communities towards a better future through an inspiring educational movement.

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