Re.juve has marketed pure, natural cold-pressed juice across its several stores in Jakarta. NOW! Jakarta spoke to Managing Director Richard Anthony about the growing popularity of cold-pressed juice

Re.juve offers variety of cold fresh juice that can be alternative nutrition to support healthy lifestyle.
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What are the advantages of cold-pressed juices over standard juice?

Cold-Pressed is a juicing technology that doesn’t generate heat and oxidation in the process. Therefore the freshness and nutrition content from the fruits and vegetables are still intact. As a result, cold-pressed juices that are made in proper environment and with real cold-pressed technology like hydraulic cold-pressed machine can remain fresh much longer and contain higher nutrition compared to juices made with extractor or other standard juicing machine.

Eliminating heat and oxidation in the juicing process are very important because they can easily destroy freshness and nutrition contents inside fruits and vegetables, and this can be accomplished fully only if it is done in proper environment and with real cold-pressed juicing technology, unlike  a ‘slow-juicer’ machine.

To provide customers with maximum freshness and highest product quality, Re.juve cold-pressed juices are handcrafted daily in our proper and hygiene oriented central production facility using real hydraulic and triturating cold-pressed technology. One bottle of Re.juve cold-pressed juices is made from up to 1 kilogram of 100 per cent fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich of antioxidant such as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Furthermore, all of Re.juve cold-pressed juices are guaranteed to be 100 per cent  pure, as they made without any added sugar, no added water, no artificial sweetener, no preservatives and certainly not from concentrate.

In the world of low sugar options etc, how do you market the product as a healthy option?

Having low sugar food or beverages doesn’t always mean being healthy.  What is really important is to know where we get the sugar from, and whether it has nutritional benefits.  Consumers nowadays are also much more interested in information about what is inside the food and beverages that they consume. They increasingly are seeking “natural” products and information about the  ingredients as their concern for their health grows.  In this regard, #CleanLabel is seen as the trend as it mandates full transparency on ingredients stated in the product label.

Re.juve cold-pressed juices, smoothies, elixirs and almond milk provide a lot of nutritional benefits, in the form of vitamins, minerals, live enzyme and anti-oxidants.  It contains only fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as many other natural ingredients. Re.juve customers can easily find out what is  in our products from the label, since there is nothing hidden or misleading  For Re.juve, #CleanLabel is not a trend, it is the way we do business since beginning.

Re.juve cold press juice.

What are some of the most popular vegetables or fruits that your customers purchase?

Re.juve Cold-Pressed juices are made from mix of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of popular fruits and vegetables that we use are pineapple, Valencia orange, lemon, spinach, beet, carrot, organic kale, etc. Besides Cold-Pressed juices we also have other beverage categories such as Smoothies, Hydrating Elixirs, Nutmilk and Re.juve Water, where ingredients like banana, avocado, whey protein isolate, fresh almond milk, rolled oats, etc. are used.

How can Rejuve fit into one’s healthy lifestyle (such as with diet, exercise, etc)?

A healthy and sustainable lifestyle are perfectly in line with Re.juve mission in providing F&B selections that are delicious, healthy and honest to their customers.

For those who love to exercise or going to the gym, Re.juve ‘infused’ waters are perfect to hydrate the body during exercising, while Re.juve cold-pressed juices can provide anti-oxidant needed to fight free radicals. And after exercising, Re.juve smoothies is the perfect way to help rebuilding muscles as it is very high in protein, fiber and other nutrition benefits.

For those who are currently on diet, Re.juve smoothies can act as a perfect meal replacement, as it contains high protein, fiber and well balanced nutrition with lower calories compared to normal breakfast, lunch or dinner meals.

And for those who would like to do ‘detox’ or ‘cleansing’, Re.juve juice fast programme is the best that they could possibly have. The 5 bottles per day for 3 days program will help our body to perform effective detox or cleansing process in an enjoyable way. It is a ‘detox’ or ‘cleansing’ program that comes with well-balanced nutrition contents, which make it sustainable and safe way to do ‘detox’ or ‘cleansing’.

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