NOW! Jakarta has held the Best Restaurant, Bar, and Cafe Awards (BRBCA) every year since 2009. This year, BRBCA returns with a campaign to support food waste management, “Say Yes to Less”. Here are the reasons why dining venues’ stakeholders and the public must participate in the 2019 NOW! Jakarta BRBCA.


Various foods on table with a hand taking out a slice of pizza.
Over 60% of the waste dropped at Bantar Gebang is organic. What can we do to reduce that number?
Photo courtesy of Vong Kitchen/NOW!JAKARTA

"Say Yes to Less" Campaign

Did you know that over 60% of the waste dropped at Bantar Gebang is organic? Let's start reducing that number by  encouraging restaurants to have better food waste management! 

NOW! Jakarta BRBCA is collaborating with Waste4Change, a local social enterprise specialising in waste management, and AVANI, an eco-friendly disposable packaging organisation, both partners of MVB Indonesia's sustainability programme, to come up with a waste management campaign called SAY YES TO LESS. Through this campaign, we encourage all participating restaurants to take real action towards sustainability. This campaign will include a workshop covering various aspects of waste management. Only two restaurants will have the honour of being named Most Sustainable Restaurant. At the end of the programme, NOW! Jakarta will feature the two winners in this category and also  promote those who have committed to this campaign on NOW! Jakarta’s platforms as well as MVB's.

Everyone Can Register

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NOW! Jakarta BRBCA is open for various dining venues.
Photo by Rintang Azhar/NOW!JAKARTA

NOW! Jakarta BRBCA has a wide range of categories so that most restaurants, bars, and cafes in Jakarta can participate. There are 21 categories in which restaurants can choose to be registered. Those categories are based on the origin of the dishes that the restaurants serve and the atmosphere of the dining venues.This allows voters to choose more thant one favourite accros the different categories.


Every Vote Counts

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Your votes are important not only to decide the winners but also to support better food waste management.
Photo courtesy of Tugu Kunstkring Paleis/NOW!JAKARTA

NOW! Jakarta BRBCA believes that everyone be given the opportunity to voice their opinion. Our readers and the public in general will decide the award winners via an online voting system that can be accessed by anyone starting from 16 June 2019 until 16 August 2019. Everyone is invited to vote for their favourite restaurants across all categories. Voters are permitted to vote one time for one restaurant but can vote for multiple restaurants across all categories.


Transparency is Key

NOW! Jakarta BRBCA website ( is the main source of information for this campaign. Visitors, both participants and the public, can access registration and participation information and learn more about our campaign. Participating restaurants can learn more about registration packages and related information. Voters, when registration is open, can access all registered restaurants to vote for them.


Experienced Organiser

Winners of BRBCA 2018 received BRBCA Plates presented by Doulton.
NOW! Jakarta has been organising the Best Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Awards since 2009.
Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

NOW! Jakarta has been organising the Best Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Awards since 2009. Last year, BRBCA had 144 restaurants participating across all categories. The honours were given to the winners based on more than 52,000 votes received via the website during the voting period. Our experience in running the campaign has earned the trust from the main stakeholders in the food and beverage industry in Jakarta. Registration begins on 15 April 2019.

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