Movies to Watch at the Science Film Festival and French Film Festival

Come and watch interesting films at either Goethe Institut's Science Film Festival or IFI's Festival Sinema Prancis! Or both! Photo courtesy of IFI/NOWJAKARTA A total of more than 100 films will be available to watch at Science Film Festival and French Film Festival. Clear up your calendar and come join the fun! Science Film Festival

Mark Your Calendar for These Exhibitions in Jakarta in October!

Come and join the many exhibition events in Jakarta this October! Photo courtesy of Pixabay/NOWJAKARTA In October, Jakarta is busy preparing many types of exhibitions for everyone to enjoy. If your calendar is still free for next month, here are our recommended events for you. Indonesias Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) This year marks the

Art Performance Events in Jakarta This September

This September, Jakartans have so many art performance events to enjoy from dance and theatrical performance to music festivals. We have a list. Art enthusiasts, read through to see all interesting art performance events in Jakarta this September, including Hopera, a dance performance event presented by E.sperimenti Dance Company of GDO. Photo courtesy of Hopera/NOWJAKARTA Hopera

Back to the Good Old Days

Every August, Indonesians always feel ecstatic to celebrate the country’s independence Day. Festival Mesin Waktu capitalised on that. Glenn Fredly, one of the performers at Festival Mesin Waktu, sang along with his fans at Festival Mesin Waktu. Photos courtesy of Festival Mesin Waktu/NOWJAKARTA On 17 August 2019, ISMAYA and Generasi 90an successfully held their event, Festival Mesin

Must-attend Events in Jakarta in July 2019

Entering the second semester of 2019, Jakartans will still be able to enjoy interesting events during the month of July. We have a list of recommended events for you to attend. 1. I La Galigo (3-7 July 2019) I La Galigo is a colossal performance inspired by Indonesia's cultural richness. Having played in 9 countries

Planning to Move to Indonesia? Make Sure You Have These Five Vaccines!

Indonesia is a beautiful tropical country perfect for a short summer holiday or maybe even a more permanent move due to your job. However, there are several things you must prepare before moving to Indonesia. Other than the complicated immigration necessities and a new house for your family, vaccination is one thing that people often forget. Though

Choosing The Best International Schools in Jakarta

There are many things to consider before you decide the best school for your kids. However, having relevant information about the available schools must be on the top of your list. Information about the school’s location, facilities, and most relevant curriculum must be gathered before you make a decision. Here we have a list of

Three Steps to Get Your Employment Visa in Indonesia

For those who don’t know, Indonesia claimed itself as a country of law based on the 1945 Constitution. There are so many regulations applied here, including the ones about foreign workers. So, how do you apply for employment visa in Indonesia? Working on your immigration paper here in Indonesia is not easy.  Photo courtesy of

Stunting in Indonesia: What is it and how to prevent it?

Indonesian citizens, especially those living in big cities, realize how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. People have started exercising on a daily basis and consuming healthy food. We know the benefits of living healthily for our own health, but do you know how healthy lifestyle can affect your children too? Prevent Stunting

Imagine The Life of The Royals

The ‘high-life’ in Jakarta comes with its pitfalls, like having to live in a crowded city or working a high-pressure job. It’s for these reasons Jakartans find themselves escaping the vibrant (and intense) urban capital and trade this in for quieter holiday destinations. Photo courtesy of The newest ‘in’ thing for urban professionals is work-life balance

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