Moving to a new country is as exciting as it is terrifying. For those who love experiencing new things, moving is like an adventure, for those who don’t, straying out of one’s comfort zone is a chore. Wherever you stand, there are many things to prepare before one moves to another country and finds a new house. Led by Esti McMillan, EMC Indonesia has 5 tips for those who are looking for a new house in Jakarta.

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Choosing the perfect house in a new country will help easing the adaptation process. 
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Pick the area

Location is most important and it must be decided before anything else. Jakarta has several areas popular with expatriates. Among those are Pondok Indah, Kemang, Cilandak, Cipete, Kebayoran Baru and Kuningan. Each of them has its positive and negative points. Kemang, for example, is known for its cafes and restaurants that are perfect for weekend gatherings but this neighbourhood is notorious for its traffic. Don’t forget to think about your office to home distance while planning where you want to live.

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The house location must be thought of carefully. It is useless to have a comfortable house if the surrounding environment is awful.
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Get to know the neighbourhood

While choosing your ideal location, it is advised that you also think about the neighbourhood. Proximity to shopping malls and hospitals could be a factor. Other living facilities that you must consider include public transportation, schools, places of worship, police station, and of course an entertainment centre.

Choose you preference

Indonesia has been growing rapidly for the past few years and there have been many new apartment complexes and landed properties constructed in recent years. Both offer a wide range of facilities – from small studio apartments aimed at students to huge mansions in prime expatriate areas. It allows you to choose what type of residence you want in accordance to your budget allocation.

Decide your style

This point goes back to the question whether you like experiencing something new. If you do, then Indonesia has a wide variety of housing styles, the most popular being the traditional Balinese villa with its unique accessories and large pools. However, if you prefer living in a house similar to the ones in your home country, there are also classic European houses with renaissance design. There are also modern American houses with their simple design characteristics available in many areas. The options are there, the decision is yours.

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Jakarta offers various types of residential areas. The decision is yours!
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Consult with relocation specialists

This is a shortcut allowing you have a comfortable life in a new country. A relocation specialist, such as EMC Indonesia, offers insights for those moving to Jakarta. Not only do they have a wide variety of properties to rent in many popular areas, they also provide orientation programmes to get you accustomed to the local life. They also have a school-search service and language training to help you settle into your new neighbourhood.

A portrait of Esti McMillan, Founder of EMC Indonesia
Esti McMillan, Founder of EMC Indonesia.
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EMC Indonesia was founded in 2003 by Esti McMillan and since then has been helping expatriates settling in Jakarta. EMC was born out of a passion for making that journey as easy as possible, by understanding their needs and tailoring solutions for them.

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