The ‘high-life’ in Jakarta comes with its pitfalls, like having to live in a crowded city or working a high-pressure job. It’s for these reasons Jakartans find themselves escaping the vibrant (and intense) urban capital and trade this in for quieter holiday destinations.

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The newest ‘in’ thing for urban professionals is work-life balance (or effectiveness); in previous generations it was always “work hard, play hard”, but this new paradigm in lifestyle promotes a more harmonious approach in which taking time to wind down from work is advocated. In fact, research shows that those who feel they don’t have time for themselves will be distracted, drained, exhausted whilst at work – down time helps work efficiency!

So it's good to see Jakartans escaping and finding their peace of mind. Whether it’s a full-on holiday to one of the world’s most amazing resorts like Maldives, Carribean, or British Virgin Island, enjoying the full range of spas on offer there or exploring one of Singapore’s or Hong Kong's theme parks with the family – whatever the choice, it’s a good one.

There is one problem though: time.
Going on holiday takes time, something that, sadly, Jakartans are finding they have less and less of (especially with the city traffic getting worse). So, what other ways are there of winding down that doesn’t require a flight to a nearby island?

One effective way would be to have a home environment that helps you wind down after work, essentially having that ‘holiday experience’ at home. Living in a home with lush indoor and outdoor amenities like the royal families living in their palaces is a wild dream of literally everyone.

Now, what kind of lifestyle and leisure measures seen in the homes of world’s most famous individuals?

1. Gentlemen’s Parlour

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Are you a fan of the Sherlock TV series? Well, there’s a notorious scene when Dr. Watson stumbles into the Diogenes Club – exclusive, private, the perfect space for a read, enjoy a premium drink or puffing your famous Havana Cigar. The Gentlemen’s Parlour at Verde Two is not unlike this – used only by 6 people at a time, this 31m2 room is about private moments.

Well, everything is based on Sir Arthur’s imagination, but who doesn’t want to have that kind of luxurious facility?

2. Refreshing Game Lounge

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Ludacris, play regularly in the Fast and Furious franchise, has this ‘neon game room’ in his house where he can play some billiard games with his colleagues. Painted dominantly with red and has some industrial touches, this is the perfect place for this dad of three to enjoy his private time.

3. Safe Children Playground

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Safe children playground near your residence is important for parents with toddlers. Stephen Curry, one of the current best basketball players, even built a small house for her daughter, Riley, to play in.

Safe children playground is important for him, what about you?

4. Spacious Ballroom with Signature Dishes of Professional Chef

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Hosting a party with your family, friends, or business partners isn’t easy. Imagine if you can hold a party just below your premium apartment. Won’t it be easier? No need to waste your time thinking about the foods, you can simply ask the professional chefs to serve their signature dishes for your guests. If you love throwing outrageous parties like Richard Branson do, you clearly need this premium facility nearby your house.

5. Premium Theater Room

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Enrique Iglesias has this room where he can watch his favorite movies with his colleagues while enjoying the unearthly view of Miami skyline. Cellini leather chairs, SIM 2 projector, Bose sound system, and BluRay technology is what you would want to be in your private theater room.

6. Sensory Garden

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Green space in Jakarta is so rare that the government is willing to spend so much money to create more parks, garden, and green open area for the public to enjoy. They even insist on residential developers to provide half of their area to be developed as green area. Make sure you take benefit of this exclusive facility to relax your mind by doing some yoga, tai chi, meditation, or reading your favorite book. As one of the best actor/director in Hollywood, Mel Gibson regularly practices Yoga and Tai Chi, too. Are those the secret to his excellence?

7. Relaxing Spa & Sauna

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We all know the positive benefits of spa and sauna as an alternative way to relax your body and mind. From cleaning up your skin to extracting toxic from your body, the steamed room can do all that. Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Cindy Crawford, and Gwyneth Paltrow visit sauna in a regular basis and look how beautiful they are in their not-so- young age.

8. Beautiful Sky Lounge

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Seeing Jakarta from up above while having afternoon coffee with your colleagues is an alternative way to enjoy your weekend. Feel the breeze of wind, enjoy the sunset, and appreciate the beautiful design of Jakarta skyscrapers directly from your ‘balcony’ is the kind of luxurious living that you should have without flying to Marina Bay in the neighbouring country or the IFC Tower in Hong Kong. Hosting a party up in the sky of Jakarta with the breathtaking view of its skyline and all beautiful high-sky buildings around Menteng, Thamrin, and Rasuna Said will be memorable, both for you and your peers.

9. Advanced IoT system

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Being famous has its price. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as one of the most famous former celebrity couple in the world, spent more than $200 million to upgrade the security system in their house with high-tech system that includes motion-triggered camera, digital fingerprint identification, and former Special Air Services officers.

Those are of course just some exclusive facilities commonly seen in rich people’s houses, accommodating the needs of modern, professional individuals – especially right in the heart of the city. Luxurious home amenities are now available for those searching for a better balance living in this city. However, it is impossible to find sufficient land in Jakarta to fit those facilities in one place.

The price of the land keeps getting higher but the area keeps getting smaller. The answer is to live in an apartment where you can enjoy luxurious facilities while maintaining your precious privacy. Verde Two offers a 200 sqm private home with more than 6.000 sqm area of indoor and outdoor premium facilities.

Facilities aside, Verde Two is inspired by a symphony of European styles and Indonesian craftsmanship creating a modern luxury residence with 25 couture-styled amenities set in lush verdant landscaping. All these in the city center of Jakarta, exuding sophistication, elegance, and a timeless quality.

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