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Chef Gilles Marx of AMUZ Gourmet is part of the first episodes of NOW! Jakarta's Fresh from the Chefs' Table. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA

NOW! Jakarta recently launched its latest culinary program called Fresh from the Chefs’ Table, a video series presenting chefs from top restaurants and hotels and their signature dishes.

Get fired up about cooking with simple, fresh ingredients and good presentation inspired by well-known chefs in Jakarta, you can follow us and learn from the pros as they share just the right recipes and cooking technique for every episode.

Dedicated for NOW! Jakarta readers and cook lovers, Fresh From the Chef’s Table is an amazing resource to hone your cooking skills. You can rewind the video, pause it and watch it over as many times as you like until you have the recipe ingrained in your brain. You will like seeing how they perceive a pinch of seasoning or a dash of spice.

Chef Gilles Marx of AMUZ is on the air now. In the first episode he shows you how to cook a Simple Snapper Fillet with Mediterranean Vegetable Ratatouille and Basil Pesto in 15 minutes. In six steps, Marx shares French fine-dining ideas for home cooks at the newly revamped AMUZ Gourmet.

“It’s a lovely programme to show people about what’s going on behind the scene where home cooks could see how we (chefs) prepare and present the dishes,” explains Chef Marx to NOW! Jakarta.

Marx also revealed that fine dining doesn’t have to be complicated but it’s all about the taste and presentation. Presentation is key, and you can add a nice table setting, some candlelight, an intimate ambiance and, of course, a bottle of wine or cocktails. As you can see from the first episode, Chef Marx guides us how to make the very simple fine-dining dish that you can cook at home.

Our sister, NOW! Bali also has Behind the Bar to share insight behind the scenes of Bali’s most popular bars. From the island’s best mixologists, sommeliers, flair bartenders and more, foodies can explore the ways of the talented food and beverage professionals.

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