Yayasan Batik Indonesia proudly present Gelar Batik Nusantara (GBN) 2023 which will be held on August, 2-6 2023 at Senayan Park, Jakarta. The main theme of GBN 2023 is “Batik, Bangkit!”, aims to raise the spirit and advance the batik industry after 3 years affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

Recognition from UNESCO through accreditation of intangible cultural heritage No. 90487 to YBI as a non-profit foundation, confirming YBI’s role in preserving, developing and promoting the cultural heritage of Indonesian batik, nationally and internationally.

The GBN 2023 event is open to the public, and will feature more than 250 Indonesian Batik MSMEs booths and also Indonesian culinary delights.

By holding GBN 2023, YBI invites all parties, both domestic and international, to attend and participate in the 2023 Nusantara Batik Festival (GBN 2023). Let’s together support the preservation and progress of the Indonesian batik industry, as well as celebrate the richness of our cultural heritage and become a forum for advancing the Indonesian batik industry, increasing public awareness about the diversity of Indonesian batik, and inviting the younger generation to start appreciating and incorporating elements of batik in their daily lives.

For the further information, please follow our Instagram account @ybi.official and @gelarbatiknusantara.

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