IndoFringe Festival

IndoFringe promises be Asia’s largest festival featuring all forms of performing arts held in 200 venues in Jakarta and Bali over 10 days.

With the goal to become a ‘Festival of Festivals’, IndoFringe will celebrate all forms of performing arts: fine arts, visual arts, applied arts, crafts and exhibitions. The festival will bring together artists from all walks of life, professionals, amateur talent, groups and communities to work together, promote their works, share ideas, and expand their followers across the globe under one umbrella festival.

Engaging artists, venues, curators, production companies, communities, schools, many different audiences, and the media, IndoFringe Festival is the event to provide opportunities and create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. It will curate 50% of the program while crowd sourcing the rest, while ensuring quality and safety standards are met.

Spanning 10 days, from 10th to 19th November 2023, the festival will involve more than 1000 artists presenting more than 3000 performances including workshops that will fill the 200 available venues, held simultaneously in two locations, Jakarta and Bali.

IndoFringe Festival

We believe Indonesia has a significant cultural influence globally, and the best way for us to engage with the world is by celebrating the incredible local artists collaborating with talent from more than 40 countries, creating new and captivating performances, visuals, and experiences.” said Sandiaga S. Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, at the launch ceremony.

The minister also believes that IndoFringe Festival will generate economic and social value by nurturing the monetization of the creative economy sector. Through education, training, shared support services, and certified quality events, the festival will create opportunities for artists and contribute to the growth of the creative industry.

To encourage tourism, the festival will bring forth a diverse program featuring performance arts (comedy, magic, music, dance, theater, puppetry, circus, martial arts), visual arts (painting, photography, design), applied arts (architecture, fashion), craft, workshops, competitions, and many more.

Almost every citizen of Indonesia has participated in one way or the other in the creative economy sector. Every family, parent and child has dabbled with the arts sector, it’s part of growing up. We now have to connect the dots and create a vibrant ecosystem that can learn how to convert their passion into a livelihood.” explained Sachin Gopalan, Festival Chairman of IndoFringe.

IndoFringe will provide opportunities for various talents, including contracted, sponsored, voluntary, international, Indonesian, and community artists. A range of venues, such as theaters, auditoriums, malls, and public spaces, will host the events, fostering collaboration with local communities.

For more information and updates, visit or follow IndoFringe on social media: @indofringe.

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