The City Government has revamped the capital in the last few years through a number of revitalisation programmes that have transformed city corners into lively landmarks. Nowadays, Jakarta residents can enjoy a break from the concrete jungle in a few open spaces.

Kali Besar at  Kota Tua Jakarta after restoration. NOW!JAKARTA

The revitalisation programme has involved renovation, construction, and land conversion. Here are the few of the places that have recently been given a face lift.

West Irian Liberation Monument
Revitalisation efforts began a year ago on the lapangan banteng or West Irian Liberation Monument, and were completed in June. Yori Antar from HAP Architects helped transform the architectural design. Today, the West Irian Liberation Monument is a space to relax and also to hold community gatherings.

The process involved integrating areas around the monument, including a sports zone and a park zone. It’s now an open space with a water fountain in the middle of the monument. Designed in the style of an amphitheatre, there are a number of historical quotes in the walls.

Kalijodo Skatepark
Previously, Kalijodo was notorious for illegal activities. Now, it has been transformed into an open, green space or Taman terbuka Hijau (RTH) with a large skatepark in the area.

The 1.4 hectare park features a number of facilities such as a jogging track, biking route, amphitheatre,  prayer room, kiosk, outdoor fitness equipment, and a sound system. The park also has many facilities for children or Ruang Publik Terpadu Ramah Anak (RPTRA) in a 5,000 sq.m area.

Kali Besar at Ancient City  
Located in Kota Tua, the historic area of Kali Besar was not maintained for years. Since 2016, the restoration programme has changed the landmark into a open space. The historical buildings around it have also been restored, such as Toko Merah, a building that was constructed in 1870. Today, it has a Dutch feel to it, with a restoration to its original design.

Taman Waduk Pluit
Taman Waduk Pluit was established following a land conversion process in a previously densely—and illegally— populated neighbourhood in North Jakarta that often caused problems with the city’s irrigation system.

Before the revitalisation project, Pluit reservoir was a receptacle of trash. Now, it is far more pleasant and offers a nice view from the park.

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

Rintang is a previous staff writer for NOW! with experience in hard news and lifestyle journalism. He specialises in art, design, culture, fashion, environmental, and urban issues.