New media art has progressed over the past couple of years as technology has helped artists take their work to another level. The “Wave of Tomorrow” exhibition at The Tribrata Building Jakarta features interactive art installations where technology is part of the creative process.

 ‘Constellation Neverland" by Sembilan Matahari at Wave of Tomorrow Exhibition. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

The collaboration between Level7 and Bale Project has culminated in a week-long exhibition from 19 to 28 October. A number of artists, considered experts in new media, have showcased their installations.

Sembilan Matahari, Nonotak, Maika Collective, Ageless Galaxy, Rebellionik, and Kinara Darma x Modulight have created work that allows visitors to dive into the experience. Here, technology is no longer used as a tool but is part of the creative process.

The exhibit is also a meeting point for music fans as more than 30 singers and musicians perform at the exhibit. Dan Shake, Diskoria, Bradley Zero, Barasuara, Stars & Rabbit, Glen Fredly, Maliq & D’Essentials, The Groove, Yura Yunita, and Portraits are among performers.

‘Maika’s Tribe’ is an immersive installation which took inspiration from three most important stages of life, A Birth, A breakthrough, and A Reflection, 

As one enters the exhibit, the installation ‘Constellation Neverland; by Sembilan Matahari is immediately striking. Constructed as artificial rain, Sembilan Matahari adapts natural weather indicators into a celestial cloud that sparks a colourful thunderbolt with a thin white rope representing rain.

Maika Collective explores future inhibitions in the planetary labs which combine different elements of medium, from lighting to sound. Divided into three rooms, ‘Maika’s Tribe’ is an immersive installation which took inspiration from three most important stages of life, A Birth, A breakthrough, and A Reflection, where one is required to activate their sense of hearing, touch, speech and sight.

French creators, Nonotak exhibits the art installation ‘Wave’ for this exhibit. Led by illustrator Noemi Schipfer and music architect Takami Nakamoto, ‘Wave’ creates an ethereal and dreamlike environment from moving lights that create a immersive shade.

French creators, Nonotak exhibits the art installation ‘Wave’ .

Kinara Darma collaborates with Modulight to create a two-minute experience which causes a roller coaster effect on one’s mood. A couple Yoga Prathama & Utari Intan, visual designers combine combine the physcology of delivering monologues with colour, and sound narrate the dream. 
"’Wave of Tomorrow’ is a new way to introduce art to the wider community, It’s a response to the current trend of art installations that convey the message of human experience, making it more interactive and bringing out the idea our future that triggers our curiosity," said Maharani, a representative from Bale Project.

”Wave of Tomorrow” 2018 is open to the public until 28 October. Ticket prices are IDR 100,000. The gallery is open at 3 p.m. 

Wave of Tomorrow Exhibition
18-28 October
Ballroom,The Tribrate Building
Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

Rintang is a previous staff writer for NOW! with experience in hard news and lifestyle journalism. He specialises in art, design, culture, fashion, environmental, and urban issues.