Libra Food Service has recently added a new brand , Hormel Foods to its portfolio. Hormel’s food products include eight premium pork variants and will be available at premium retailers in Jakarta.

Hormel products can be processed into a great dishes. The brand Hormel Foods will be available at premium retails in Jakarta soon. Photo courtesy of Libra Food Service/NOW!JAKARTA

Michael Griesbach, Asia Pacific Director of Hormel Foods International Corporation noted the official collaboration with Libra Food Service, at an event held at Meat Me Butchery, Jakarta. Along with his colleagues, Kate Heneke, Senior Marketing Manager of the corporate office and Earle Rabe, International Sales & Marketing Manager, he noted that Hormel Foods International has entered the Jakarta market with plans to expand supply to other areas in Indonesia.

Founded by George A. Homel in 1891, Hormel Foods Corporation was valued at USD 459 million in 2018. Serving 80 countries worldwide, it is one of the biggest food processing companies in the United States.

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