The Ascott Limited (Ascott) introduces Ascott Cares and reviews its lodging products and services to ensure they are future-ready in a post-COVID-19 landscape. Photo courtesy of Ascott Limited/NOW!JAKARTA

As the tourism industry is gradually recovered during the transition, one of the hospitality giants, The Ascott Limited (Ascott) has prepared its future-ready lodging by redefining the guest experience and raising its standard of cleanliness for continued growth in the post-Covid-19 to provide safe homes for everyone.

CapitaLand’s owned business unit, Ascott, is reviewing every touchpoint within the living and workspaces of its residential units to take advantage of emerging trends such as the increased popularity of working-from-home, as well as the attention to deeper health and safety. The hospitality company is also improving our digital solutions and looking at leveraging smarter technologies to provide value and safety for its guests.

Ascott will deliver stringent hygiene and cleanliness standards as well as safe distancing through its newly launched ‘Ascott Cares’ commitment, to continue providing safe homes for its guests, and a safe working environment for its staff. Ascott Cares covers nine commitments to enhance Ascott’s existing cleanliness protocols on staff’s work environment, guest safety, physical distancing, housekeeping, apartments & room, F&B, shared facilities, contactless & paperless, as well as their vendors.

“As global and domestic travel restrictions ease, we have also launched Ascott Cares to reassure our guests and staff that we have stringent cleanliness and hygiene measures in place as we welcome new and returning guests home,” said Kevin Goh, Chief Executive Officer of Lodging in CapitaLand Group and Chief Executive Officer of The Ascott Limited.

Currently, Ascott’s spacious serviced apartments are already well-suited for guests who choose to stay indoors for extended periods of time. To tap on the work-from-home trend, Ascott is looking at upgrading its design to create a more productive workspace within the serviced apartment.

Digital solutions and technologies may also be further deployed to provide convenience, value, and safety to guests. The use of sensors at Ascott properties can offer better safety through thermal scanning or track footfall and crowds to facilitate better safe distancing measures, as well as smarter room energy and water management.

Alfred Ong, Head, Global Operations of The Ascott Limited said that ‘Ascott Cares’ will reaffirm the company’s commitment to delivering high standards of cleanliness as safe distancing in shared spaces and increased sanitation will be part of the new normal. “With Ascott Cares, our valued guests will have greater peace of mind and full confidence in our commitment to their well-being,” Ong stated on the press release.

“A health and hygiene champion will also be appointed in each property to uphold these standards and act as an official liaison with local health authorities to ensure compliance with the latest regulatory health measures,” he added.

Ascott will increase the adoption of mobile technology including the launch of a new mobile app later this year. A one-stop service, the app will offer guests contactless services such as contactless entry to their apartments, payments, check-in, and check-out. It can also provide seamless in-room service and smart controls, management of Ascott Star Rewards loyalty points, or redemption of special flash deals.

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