One of the trends making an impact in the modern business world is the growing importance of corporate responsibility, especially in matters of sustainability.

Most Valued Business Conference in 2018. Photo by Basuki Nugroho/NOW!JAKARTA

With a now almost continuous discussion on waste taking place in Jakarta and Bali and an outbreak of war against single-use-plastic there is increased public awareness of the issues and the initiatives being made to overcome the problems. Now, more consumers are telling companies that they want to buy sustainable products from businesses that take a stand for the environment. But are businesses responding , and do they actually know what to do ?

With consumers becoming more aware of sustainable brands, companies should be actively looking into making their businesses more environmentally friendly, however not many companies know and understand how to be sustainable and how to do it the right way.

Why Most Valued Business (MVB)
Most Valued Business (MVB) is an organisation dedicated to helping companies become more sustainable, by introducing them to specific areas of expertise through seminars, cooperation, collaboration and increased efficiency of doing businesses by establishing skills and knowledge needed to move them into a new phase of sustainability.

In corporate sustainability, there are three main elements called the triple bottom line that come into play. These three pillars are people, planet and profit—or the social, environmental and economic aspects. In MVB seminars, each element will be featured in related theme, showcased by specific areas of expertise and backed by the Nordic embassies, as some of the leading countries in sustainable development. This will give our members knowledge and understanding about specific concepts of sustainability, how to get involved and what steps to take.

MVB also helps member companies to promote their programs through extensive media platforms such as a dedicated page on the MVB website with background stories of the companies and their recent projects, LEADERS e-newsletter with information about the latest updates on innovative programs and good models of sustainability sent out to a 10,000 email database plus social media. To get updates and tips about sustainability and best business practices from all around the world, LEADERS magazine, a forum of inspiration, knowledge and action that will cover many important elements of sustainability with a distribution reach of 5,000 copies across Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali.

Working together with reputable consultants and experts in sustainability, MVB is leading businesses to accelerate their transition to a sustainable world. MVB is fully supported by IBCSD, NCSR, Indonesia Economic Forum (IEF), Kiroyan Partners, Waste4Change, SGS Indonesia, CECT Trisakti, PIPA, BINUS University, Towards Sustainable Businesses, ActionCOACH, BayWa r.e., Sanctuary, Bravo One and AVANI, whose combined expertise covers almost every concievable aspect of sustainability .

How To Join MVB
To be part of Most Valued Business (MVB), companies need to be committed and demonstrate that they maintain acceptable standards in the seven critical value areas set by MVB International: Sustainability, Best Possible Business Practices, Ethical Employment, Safety and Security, Environmental Friendliness, Customer Service and Respect and Corporate Values.

If you would like to know more about MVB; the program, upcoming events and current update, please visit If you want to join the MVB membership program, please contact or call +62-21 7813212 ext. 201.

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