Jakarta citizens are often spoiled by clean protocol street, spotless malls and nice and tidy upper-class neighbourhood. But are we really ‘free’ from the waste that we generate? Is Jakarta and Indonesia really clean and free from waste?

Packaging and cosmetic container waste from one of Waste4Change's clients, Kiehl's, that will be processed and recycled

Indonesia Clean-from-Waste 2025 Target

Indonesia generates 174,000 tonnes of waste per day, 69 per cent of which end up piling in the landfill, 7 per cent is recycled, and 24 per cent will most likely leak and pollute the environment. In 2015, a research by explorer, associate professor and director at the University of Georgia, Jenna Jambeck named Indonesia as the world’s second-largest marine plastic debris polluter. Clearly, Indonesia has a lot to do to manage its waste better.

In 2017, the government of Indonesia released Indonesian President Regulation No.97/2017 (Jakstranas) detailing a roadmap towards Indonesia Clean-from-Waste 2025. It aims to reduce 30 per cent of the country’s waste as well as process and manage at least 70 per cent of the country’s waste to reduce its accumulation in the landfill and its leakage to the environment. These targets are expected to be achieved by 2025.

Effort towards Indonesia Clean-from-Waste 2025

To this end, the government’s efforts include the development of waste bank and TPS 3R (3R Collection Point) to increase recycling and processing of waste before it is transported to the landfill. However, the government can’t do it alone. Along with the provision of infrastructure, it takes radical behaviour change and willingness of the society; business sectors, NGOs and the community need to participate to realize this target.

If you are looking for something different to make your business stand out, then showing people your contribution in reducing 30 per cent of the nation’s waste might be a possible alternative. Now the question is: what can you do to contribute?

Waste4Change provides Extended Producer Responsiblity service that will make sure our clients' waste don't end up as a pollutant to the environment

Waste4Change provides a service that will help your business to start responsible waste management towards Indonesia Clean-from-Waste 2025. Through a Solid Waste Management Study service, Waste4Change helps you identify your office/site’s waste generation, composition and management, then suggest potential waste reduction that you might apply. Meanwhile, through Extended Producer Responsibility service, Waste4Change helps business with a brand-labelled product to manage the sorting and recycling of their brand-labelled product waste. By joining this service, you will not only contribute to reduce your post-consumer product in landfill – you will also avoid misuse, imitation and forgery.

Are you up for the challenge to reduce 30 per cent of the country’s waste? Let’s collaborate with Waste4Change towards Indonesia Clean-from-Waste 2025.


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