This September, be a part of Jakob Manurung’s victory celebration by enjoying two winning cocktails at Djournal House.

Floridus Citri, one of the winning cocktials that infuses gin with homemade chamomile tea concoction. Photo Courtesy of  Djournal House/NOWJAKARTA 

Stock up the bar and line up the lights; the 11th edition of Diageo World Class Competition is set to unfold in Glasgow, Scotland, this September. Joining other internationally acclaimed bartenders from participating countries is Jakob Manurung, a brilliant young bartender from Djournal House, one of Ismaya Group’s newest establishments. 

Last May, Jakob Manurung seized the prestigious title of ‘Bartender of the Year’ when he rose above his peers at the Indonesia World Class Competition 2019 by Diageo. The competition was held at Sugarsand Bali, and Jakob took the title with his two drinks: Dark Roast and Floridus Citri. 

“The Floridus Citri combines classic and contemporary style Gin and Tonic. The classic G&T is ready within two to three minutes—all that’s needed is to slap the two together. Nowadays, people tend to mix in bitters, fresh-cut fruit, herbal brews or other fancy complex stuff, and then the preparation takes up to 30 minutes. With this drink I’ve prepared the fancy mix in the form of a homemade chamomile tea blend. It has a bit of fizzy texture, flavour and herbal notes and is ready to be used in place of the traditional tonic,” Jakob explains the Floridus Citri, which is mostly popular among the ladies with a cute touch of edible flower on top. 

Dark Roast, a twist on the classic cocktail, Rob Roy, meant for gentlemen with a flair
Dark Roast, a twist on the classic cocktail, Rob Roy, meant for gentlemen with a flair.

Dark Roast is a vanilla scotch based mixed with Djournal Coffee vermouth finished with homemade coffee and chocolate bitters. Regarding this original creation, Jakob describes, “Dark Roast carries the identity of Djournal House. It is a twisted version of classic Rob Roy cocktail with an added coffee. The highlight of this one is its distinctive coffee flavour with a practical presentation and preparation; an easily enjoyable cocktail with an apparent punch.”

Celebrating Jakob’s success in the competition, both drinks are available for the whole month of September at Djournal House for IDR135,000 each. 

Being the sole bartender representing Indonesia, the pressure is mounting for the up-and-coming bartender. Jakob proceeded to share his preparation and expectations for the upcoming Diageo World Class Competition Final 2019, where 50 finalists from all over the world will compete in a series of rigorous mini challenges over the course of seven days from 21 to 28 September. 

“My drinks will once again carry Djournal House’s identity; aiming to bridge the gap between barista and bartender. The challenges are diverse: there’s one where we will have EUR 20 to spend in a wet market for 20 minutes and churn out a nice cocktail, another involving a black box within a Scottish distillery, among others. As for judging criteria, flavour is obviously the primary factor, followed by speed and storytelling ability.”

Jakob admits that carrying the weight of a nation his shoulders is like nothing he as ever experienced before, but he is certain his passion for the world of bartending and inventing fresh cocktails will help him make his nation proud. 

Stay tuned for updates from Jakob Manurung’s journey in the prestigious Diageo World Class Competition 2019 in Glasglow, Scotland this September. 

Best of luck and Godspeed, Jakob Manurung!

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