White Alba Truffles, often referred to as the diamonds of the culinary world, are now available at French fine-dining restaurant AMUZ.

Introducing the Diamond of The Culinary World (1)

In the restaurant’s continuing search for uniqueness and quality, Chef founder Gilles Marx introduces a selection of dishes featuring white truffles, known for its creamy and exquisite taste and elegant aroma, each one treated with tender care. The white truffles of Alba, or Tuber Magnatum Pico, come from the picturesque hills in Northern Italy near the town of Alba and are only available for a short time each year, making them even more addictive and beautifully intoxicating. Jakarta’s food connoisseurs now have the chance to indulge in this delicacy themselves and discover a gastronomically exceptional flavour.

Introducing the Diamond of The Culinary World (2)

Established in September 2010, AMUZ Gourmet has won many prestigious awards and achievements over the past five years. It has also been listed as Best French Fine Dining, Best French Restaurant, Best Selection of French Wine, Most Exquisite Dining Experience Western Cuisine, Exceptional Service Quality and many more from its beginnings six years ago until today. Located in the Sudirman Central Business District, its chic and Parisian interior features an eye-catching chandelier and Eiffel Tower-inspired iron works.  Combined with an eclectic food and drinks menu, AMUZ attracts diners and foodies looking for an authentic French dining experience. For reservations, please call 021-250 5064 or send an email to cheffounder@amuzgourmet.com

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