Bobor Jamur Asap at Tanaman, Desa Potato Head creative village. Bobor Jamur Asap
Introducing Tanaman, the latest extension of Desa Potato Head creative village. Photo Coutesy of Desa Potato Head/NOWJAKARTA

Introducing Tanaman, the latest extension of Desa Potato Head creative village.

Desa Potato Head, the first creative village in Bali championing the concept of exploring balance and contrast recently launched Tanaman, a unique plant-based Indonesian restaurant emphasising on delivering fresh and locally inspired dishes.

Sate Jamur
Sate Jamur

Tanaman operates in line with Chef Wayan Kresna Yasa’s philosophy of healthy food that builds connections in addition to offering an unforgettable dining experience. “I’m trying to convey that food is a lifestyle. I want to promote a healthy, connected life through my food – where the farmers, the fishermen, the cooks, the consumers, even the composters – we are all connected in the circle or life cycle of the food. We all experience the food lifestyle together. This is also the reason we serve our food as family style sharing plates.”

Tanaman, literally meaning ‘plant’ in Indonesian, was inspired from the native plants of Indonesia, and the chefs have dug deep into their fondest childhood memories in order to create a menu that reflects Indonesia’s ancient culture, connected to Mother Earth. The produce used in all of the dishes is sourced directly from a handful of small, spray-free farms in Bali’s interior.

Lotek Salad

The menu at Tanaman can be described as refined and nostalgic, infusing a touch of creative, plant-based twist on some of Indonesia’s most loved comfort food. Some are recognisable classics while others have been slightly reinvented to showcase vegetarian cooking in a fresh light, steering away from soy-based proteins and playing with the versatility of roots, pulses, fruits and fungi.

One of the must-try light bites is the Bajagor (Bakso Jamur Goreng), a plant-based take on a traditional West Javanese fried dumpling dish commonly made with mackerel. These crispy dumplings are made with field mushrooms and served with a peanut and sweet soy sauce.

Rendang Nangka
Rendang Nangka

For mains, the hero dish on the Tanaman menu is Rendang Nangka (Jackfruit Rendang), which sees young jackfruit caramelised and braised in coconut milk for 16 hours. The fibrous nature of the jackfruit reaches a tender, melt-in-your-mouth consistency, surprisingly similar to pulled beef used in the original.

The cocktails at Tanaman are sophisticated to pair with the cuisine, offering multi layered drinks to quench the thirst and soul. Designed by Desa Potato Head’s team of creative mixologists, they showcase Indonesia’s rich umbrella of health tonics, juices and fermentations created from native flora and fauna.

Tanaman will mark the first step towards a plant-based philosophy for the group, as their restaurant Ijen did for zero-waste. As culinary trends head in a more conscious, plant-based and sustainable direction, Tanaman is the perfect marriage of old and new – traditional recipes from the past, meeting techniques and philosophies of the future.

Tanaman is open daily from 6pm until midnight.

Tanaman at Desa Potato Head

Jalan Petitenget No. 51B, Seminyak
T: +62 361 473 7979
IG: @tanamanrestaurant
FB: @potatoheadbali

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