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Music – and other hobbies for that matter – is something you must learn since early age. Photos courtesy of iStock/NOWJAKARTA

While many musicians and singers claim that they are autodidacts, it is sometimes easiest to learn your trade by enrolling in a music school where skilled teachers and mentors show you how to play an instrument or perfect that singing voice.

In Jakarta, there are numerous music schools that offer a variety of courses that help to lay the groundwork for aspiring musicians or those who see music as a rewarding pastime.

Yamaha Music School

Yamaha may not only be the best music school in Jakarta, but also in Indonesia. Many graduates from this school have had a successful career in music. As a company that produces musical instruments, Yamaha is committed to strengthen the music industry through its music school. Yamaha Music School has a unique education system highlighting time education, group lessons and creativity. Since its establishment, Yamaha Music School has worked hard to fulfill its mission of providing “Music for Everyone”. Yamaha offers music courses for kids, teenagers and adults.

Purwacaraka Music Studio

Purwa Caraka Music Studio offers a wide range of courses suitable for various ages, from musical instruments and vocal training to musical performances. With nearly 20 years of experience, Purwa Caraka Music Studio has 76 branches across Indonesia with 22.000 students enrolled annually. The teaching staff is highly qualified and well-trained to implement a creative curriculum and innovative teaching techniques. Students perform regularly at concerts and recitals. The vision of the school is to create complete musicians who can express themselves both creatively and artistically.

The Resonanz Music Studio & Entertainment

The Resonanz Music Studio offers singing lessons as well as courses for musical instruments such as piano, violin, cello, and guitar, either in the form of private, semi-private or group sessions. Students are being nurtured in an enjoyable atmosphere with dedicated teachers.  As with other music schools, concerts are being held regularly to monitor the students’ progress and give them the opportunity to perform on stage. When students are ready to perform professionally, they will be involved in orchestra performances, show choirs and live performances.

Yayasan Musik Jakarta

Under the umbrella of Yayasan Musik Jakarta (YMJ), which was founded in 1983, Sekolah Musik Jakarta is a fine example of an education platform that cultivates an inclusive and integrated music curriculum. Well known for its successful classical music education in Indonesia, Sekolah Musik Jakarta already accepts students at the age of three years. Additionally, there is the YMJ High School of Music, which was established as a formal education institution to provide music education for students from grade 10 to 12. At the highest level, The International Music Conservatory of Indonesia   is a special programme to learn about international music conservatory in Indonesia by providing college-level music conservatory training towards a performing career. Successful students have joined prestigious programmes orchestras and other music programmes, such as Orkes Simfoni Nasional Indonesia, Music For All, Jakarta International Summer Music Festival, ASEAN International Concerto Competition, YMJ Gamelan Society and Camerata di Musica Jakarta.

Sjuman School of Music

Established in 2010 with the aim to make music education in Indonesia more accessible, the Sjuman School of Music offers a diploma and non-diploma programme. Its curriculum, providing various classes and lessons, ranks among the most diverse in the country. Although most graduates continue their path as stage performers, there are many other professions that can be learned here, such as music for theater, film, advertising, engineering and more. The Sjuman School of Music prioritizes a personal and tailor-made approach to each individual character and counts film composer Areza Riandra, composer and drummer Iwan Paul as well as producer and arranger Anto Hoed among its most famous alumni.

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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