The world of food has changed a great deal in the way it is presented as well as its rapid growth in the number of restaurants, bars and cafes there are in Jakarta. Now, diners can expand their focus not only on the various of menu choices, best locations or exquisite taste of the cuisine, but also on the race to come up with new techniques and experiences on how to serve the customers better with a “twist” or different angle.


In actual fact, dining preferences are a very personal thing: some people like formality and sophistication while others find the crowded-zingy-with-loud-live-music venues to be very entertaining.

Conceived to recognise and reward each year’s great successes in the culinary industry-from innovative cooking, to unique cocktail presentation; from dining room design to excellent service, NOW! Jakarta’s Best Restaurant, Bar & Cafe Awards has returned with its own twist.

NOW! JAKARTA’s Best Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Awards (BRBCA) are the most respected and transparent in the industry because the winners are voted for by our very own readers, and the voting takes place online infront of your eyes!


But this year in addition to our Main Awards and our Editors’ Choice Awards, we have decided to add the “Industry Favourites” Awards. This new set of awards, voted for only by the industry professionals, will reveal those establishments which are ranked top among the chefs, hoteliers restaurateurs, baristas, F & B managers, and other culinary professionals!

Responding to the comments from the competing venues in the last few year’s competitions to the fact that the competition really is for the most “ popular” venues , not necessarily the “best” since the voters are all diners not culinary experts, this new section asking only the experts to nominate their favorites , should be an eye-opener.

As this issue’s goes to press, there are more than 100 outlets participating to win public votes and increase their online voting numbers to become the next best venues in J town.The voting process that started in early July will close on 15th August.


We invite you to participate and vote for your favourite places and share this information to your family and friends. NOW! Jakarta is providing great prizes not only for our weekly lucky voters but also a grand prize that will be drawn at the end of the voting period for all those who have participated in the online voting through a lucky draw !

How to vote is simply by logging in to and signing in by registering your email.

Once its been verified, you will be immediately diverted to the voting page to choose your favourite places by category. Remember that you are free to vote for any of your favourite restaurants, bars and cafes but you only able to vote for each individual outlet once. So choose carefully!

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NOW! Jakarta

The article is produced by editorial team of NOW!Jakarta