Maria Rahajang, E! News Asia Host & Digital Content Creator delivered her speech during TEDxYouth at Sinarmas World Academy on 22 February. Photo Courtesy of TEDxYouth Sinarmas World Academy/NOW!JAKARTA

The independent running conference TEDxYouth at Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) returned for its third edition and hosted 10 inspiring young figures to share their knowledge of success in front of students during the event on 22 February. Themed “Be The Change”, the SWA’s TEDxYouth promotes positive social movements to young students, encourage them to be agents of change to contributing and solving the problem in their community.

A number of Indonesian young CEOs and creatives share their key success in building their businesses that range from different specialties, from technology to art and entertainment. They are Andreas Diantoro (Managing Director of SAP Indonesia), Aakar Abyasa (CEO of Jouska ID), and Ricky Setiawan (CEO of who established their businesses utilising the development of technology and data.

Priscilla Pangemanan (Sociopreneur and Founder SASC), Jessica Halim (Co-founder of Demibumi). Evani Jesslyn (Founder and CEO of First Crack Coffee & Strada Coffee) are among the speakers who work as entrepreneurs with a social mission.

In a different session, Faye Simanjuntak (Founder of Rumah Faye), Cindy Harjatanaya (Co-founder of Art+1 and Art Therapy Jakarta) lead the empowering activities to solve a social and individual problem. Two public figures, Maria Rahajang (E! News Asia Host & Digital Content Creator) and Jovial da Lopez (Content Creator, Actor & Producer) delivered the speech about self-development and personal creativity to earn success in the current trend of potential self-employment.

Priscilla Pangemanan, Sociopreneur and Founder SASC received appreciation from SWA students 
Andreas Diantoro, Managing Director of SAP Indonesia (middle). 

In the era of instant gratification, Millenials and Generation Z have a different approach in creating success, many of them want anything to be quick, which causes some of them who don’t appreciate the process. One of the speakers, Andreas Diantoro, Managing Director of SAP Indonesia said that undergoing the process and appreciate the self-development will mold the quality of individual based on their experience in life.

"We live in an extraordinary time where our experience can reward companies or build a new industry. I hope all of us can make our experience worthwhile and be part of this exciting revolution,” Diantoro said.

Aside from these inspiring talks with Indonesian creative minds, TEDxYouth also opens the opportunity for SWA students to speak in front of the audience and examine their capability to inspire their generation.

David Shane Goh, one of SWA students delivered his presentation during TEDxYouth at Sinarmas World Academy. 

“It’s our platform that allows us to share knowledge and create a mission to make a world a better place. From running this event, we also learn much skill, including communication and agility, some of the part of the demonstration of real-life that taught us many things,” said Kyra Hendarmin Husen, a grade 10 student at SWA who is also the chief committee of TEDxYouth.

Held for the third time, SWA’s TEDxYouth is the platform to inspire and an event that allows the students to extend their understanding of world issues. Being included in the curriculum of the school, TEDxYouth also aims to address current problems.

“Every individual has the power to make changes. Whether small or big problem, any changes are meaningful and deserve recognition. Hopefully, this event can inspire young people to become agents of change in their own way,” said Chris Hayden, teacher and student advisor at Sinarmas World Academy.

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Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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