In partnership with Artha Graha Peduli, Jakarta International School donated 1,000 home-care sanitation kits to families living in South Jakarta. Photo courtesy of Jakarta Intercultural School/NOW!JAKARTA

Supporting the war against Covid-19, Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) through its the school wide service arm, JIS Peduli, in collaboration with Artha Graha Peduli (AGP) COVID-19 Response Center provided 1,000 home sanitation kits to families living around the school in South Jakarta. The initiative succeeded to provide sanitation kits including soap, hand soap, floor cleaner, hand sanitizer, tissue, wet tissue, masks, gloves and bucket to be given to those who need it.

A booklet titledThe Primary Guide to Keeping You Healthy During the Fight Against COVID-19 (Kit Utama Peduli Kesehatan Anda Dalam Melawan COVID-19) is also handed over to many families as a basic protocol for families to protect themselves against the new coronavirus during self-quarantine. As an educational institution, it’s part of the school's responsibility to ensure the community gets reliable information in the midst of misinformation. The booklet also distributes knowledge for many people who are still uneducated enough about the contagious virus that could threaten many lives.

Recipients of the home-care kits include families living on or near Jl. Batong, Jl. Daha, Jl. Salak Putih, and Jl. Anggrek in South Jakarta, as well as employees of Sodexo Indonesia, PT Sinar Jernih Sarana, Blue Bird Group, and Wiragarda — all of whom are part of the large JIS community.

JIS Head of School Tarek Razik said that the initiative is aimed to educate and mitigate the spread of Covid-19 disease. “While I had heard about the resilience of the Indonesian

people, it is unfolding before my eyes that in a time of grave crisis, people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and religions have come together to support a cause as one entity. With the COVID-19 Response Center and the coordinated efforts of all involved, we will do our best to help keep people healthy now, and look to the ‘new normal’ when this situation passes,” Razik said on release.

Phil Rickard, Co-Founder of the Artha Graha Peduli COVID-19 Response Center and a JIS alumnus, added that one of the keys to defeating this virus can be found in the Indonesian principle of working together, known as gotong royong. “Even though we may be physically apart, our sense of working together has never been stronger. Artha Graha Perduli and our COVID-19 Response Center created these COVID-19 home sanitation kits in coordination with JIS Peduli as a way of slowing the spread of the virus with the right products and globally recognized best practices. Coming together as a community we will defeat this virus — for the good of Indonesia and the world,” Rickard stated.

Besides Rickard (Class of 1988), other JIS alumni including Kurt Kaler (Class of 1989), Danau Tanu (Class of 1994), Yanti Ardie (Class of 1994), Derice Sumantri (Class of 1997), Richard Olsen (Class of 2002), Bianca Vega (Class of 2010), and Kiran Sarensa (Class of 2012) are involved to offer their support to Indonesia and communities surrounding the school.

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