Between 21 October and 3 November, Korea and Indonesia will join forces to present the media installation art exhibition “Dialogue with the Senses” at Galeria Fatahillah, Kota Tua, Jakarta.

The idea for this joint effort in the field of art was born in 2013 when Korea and Indonesia celebrated 40 years of diplomatic relations, and it has grown into an annual event since, fostering exchange between young artists of the two countries. Titled “Dialogue with the Senses”, this year’s theme explores a “sensory experience” and its impact on our lives.Physical ‘sense’ has been devalued against abstract ‘reason’ throughout history, despite the fact that sensory perception is our primary mode of relating to the outside world. The exhibition also challenges the long-term perception that “sight” is the most valuable sense when it comes to the appreciation of art, and recovers the power of other physical senses such as hearing, smell, taste and touch as equally valuable.

The exhibition features 9 artists from both Korea and Indonesia whose artworks revolve around different ways to appreciate other cultures – namely through a sensory experience. Indonesian artist Elia Nurvista’s sculpture installation, for instance, presents her reinterpretation of colonial history intertwined with sugar. Sweet and bitter at the same time, her work can be tasted by audiences, as an act of getting in touch with their unknown history. Meanwhile, Korean artist Park Seung Soon showcases media art content for audiences to play a variety of traditional Indonesian instruments through direct contact with water contained in a glass bowl. Organised by ARCOLABS, the exhibition is complemented by several fringe events, including art workshops for kids and teenagers.

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