Chef Franco fell in love with cooking at a very young age as he used to experiment in the kitchen after school before his parents came home from work. “I learned how to cook by myself and spent my free time cooking something simple, using any ingredients I could find at home. I started with basic dishes like eggs and as I grew older, I realized I wanted to work in this industry, hence I decided to have professional training,” he told us during a recent lunch at Rosso.

Coming from Sicily, an island famous for its rich culinary tradition influenced by dishes from the ancient Greeks, Arabs and Normans, Chef Franco has a big appreciation for fresh and healthy ingredients which, according to him, are key for delicious and authentic Sicilian dishes. “My parents are my biggest inspiration, they used to cook simple dishes with only two or three ingredients but the result was amazing. Sicily is incredibly rich with abundant natural resources like olives, tomatoes, lemons, and we could find a diverse variety of seafood right off the coast! So back then, we only used fresh products as we believe freshness is the secret behind any heavenly food,” he explained.

A true Italian, Chef Franco loves Pasta more than anything. Although he commits to maintain the authenticity of each dish, he also likes to be playful with new sauces or fillings in order to create unique pasta creations without leaving the tradition. “I love pasta; I could eat it every day! I’m very confident with pasta and I like to be experimental in terms of sauce and pasta. The dish I present for NOW! Jakarta today, Taglionini al nero ai frutti di mare or Black Tagliolini with Seafood, is a Sicilian-inspired pasta,” Chef Franco said as he served his delicious creation.

As the new head chef of Rosso, he promises to introduce new culinary innovations and create a more authentic Italian atmosphere at the restaurant. “Me and the team are preparing several new a la carte menus. I will also add some more items to our Sunday brunch to create a more ‘Italian’ feeling. In my hometown, Sunday lunch is very important; everyone stops their activities and gathers in the dining room. The mothers get up early in the morning to prepare the big lunch and the food is always special. Since it is a time when the family shares food and stories, Sunday lunch can last until three hours. I want to bring that intimate and warm ambiance to Rosso so everyone can become a part of our tradition.” Just like many other Italians, being hospitable comes natural to Chef Franco. If he is not too busy at the restaurant, he likes to greet his guests personally and ask for their opinions about the food. In the near future, the charming chef plans to explore Indonesian traditional dishes to enrich his palate. “Discovering Indonesian cuisine is a pleasure. I already tried some, like Fried Noodles, Fried Rice, Martabak, and I love them all. I’m also planning to go to Bali as I heard the dining scene there is very vibrant. I can’t wait to explore more of Indonesia!” he said enthusiastically.

Tagliolini al nero ai frutti di mare


Black tagliolini 100 gram
Chopped garlic 10 gram
Chopped onions 20 gram
Olive oil 20 ml
Dried Chili 5 gram
White wine 20 ml
Fresh shrimps 30 gram
Mussels 20 gram
Crab meat 20 gram
Squid 20 gram
Whipping cream 20 ml
Orange zest 5 gram
Chopped basil 5 gram
Chopped parsley 5 gram  


  1. Boil the tagliolini
  2. In a pan, sautéed olive oil, garlic, onion, chili, cherry tomato, add the shrimps and crab meat, add white wine and cook for few minutes. Add whipping cream, orange zest, chopped basil, chopped parsley and mix it well.
  3. In the same pan, add the boiled tagliolini, mix it together and serve while it’s hot