Experience “Loka Rasa,” an ode to Indonesia’s diverse flavours curated exclusively by Marriott Bonvoy. Discover eight culinary treasures representing the nation’s gastronomy heritage, each drawing inspiration from local classics and reimagining traditional recipes to suit modern tastes. Serving dishes as unique interpretations of beloved national cuisine. From 10 November – 17 December 2023, “Loka Rasa” will entice guests across Marriott Bonvoy’s restaurants nationwide, kicking off the celebration during National Heroes’ Day, this culinary journey is a nod of appreciation and pride to Indonesia’s heritage. 

Indonesia’s top culinary maestros behind Loka Rasa have curated an ensemble of dishes that reflect the country’s rich gastronomic legacy. Chef Bayu Retno Timur from Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, introduces the delicate “Tuna Sambal Kecombrang” – a delicate blend of yellow fin tuna, long beans, ginger torch flower, shallot, chili, and fresh kemangi, while his “Rawon Sapi” boasts 48-hour slow-cooked wagyu beef short ribs complemented by salted egg, tomatoes, beansprouts, and a rich broth, making it a favourite for those who love Javanese comfort dishes. 

Chef I Made Wisnu Adiyatma from Renaissance Bali Uluwatu comes to impress with his “Kambing Panggang Basa Lalah Manis“, a blend of grilled marinated lamb cutlet balanced with Bali red spices. His “Be Pasih Menyatnyat“, featuring poached red snapper in ginger torch curry sauce, promises an explosion of coastal flavours.

At The St. Regis Jakarta, Chef Rizky Annisa Apriliana presents the “Padang Ayam Pop,” a delightful ensemble of spring chicken and local spices, with various sides from cassava tumbuk, ceciwis vegetable, green chili gel, and sambal balado puree, while her “Red Mullet Kuah Asam Manis” exhibits a symphony of sweet and sour flavours that are a feast for the senses.

Completing this culinary symphony is Chef Denny, the Executive Chef at Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel, with his mouth watering “Dendeng Manis” featuring dry beef in local spices, complemented by compressed cucumber, green tomato sambal, and cassava rice. Indulge in the flavourful “Asinan Salmon”, a burst of flavours from the combination of confit salmon, steamed tofu, assorted vegetables, and a salmon skin touille garnish.  

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey that explores the diverse and vibrant flavours of Indonesia with Loka Rasa only at Marriott Bonvoy Restaurants!

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