Born in 2 August 1965 as the youngest of two, Sakri picked up interest in the dynamic world of arts ever since he was a little kid and his passion continued to grow even larger as he matured, especially when he saw the Indonesian maestro Affandi’s (1907–1990) poster depicting native fishing boats at his time in high school. Deeply impressed, Sakri from that moment on would embed expressionism in his works.


He honed his artistic skill by joining several Indonesia’s Sokka Studio and Garajas Studio in addition to his academic study at Institut Kesenian Jakarta and managed to join numerous art exhibitions in various cities. He began to gain a major recognition after his works were selected for Asian Art Competition, 1996–1997, beating thousands of other talented artists. Sakri’s career kept rocketing—flocking from one exhibition to another (both solo and group exhibitions) in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe, even exclusively creating over 120 oil paintings and countless of sketches for two Samaya hotels in Bali.


The exotic curves of Sanskrit, Javanese, Sundanese and Arabic caligraphies have been captivating Sakri to combine those with his expressionistic view into his paintings since 2012. Kemang’s Duta Fine Arts Foundation, again, hosted his solo exhibition displaying more than 75 pieces of his work.