Fancy a lovely spot for tea? For those embracing tea as a time of beauty and quality in a classic British setting, Bradley’s Kitchen is the place to go.

Bradley’s Kitchen popularity has given it a great deal of leverage with the old company – Bradley’s Tea House. The company wants to enhance brand-name power on the quality to all the teas and foods. As common in other teahouses, this establishment on Jalan Bumi, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, serves tea and other light refreshments, with a variety of small cakes. Being at Bradley’s Kitchen takes you back to an era of sophistication, thanks to its classic Victorian décor as a main focus, made even more prestigious thanks to the elegant sofa and long wooden table sets.

The design is simple but impeccable, accentuated by details in the way tea is served. Gentle at first, and just be sure to keep the intensity of the flavors with the scones, cakes and pannacotta.

And then there’s the menu. What makes Bradley’s Kitchen different from other teahouses, it seems, is the way it has introduced its own distinctive take into what would otherwise be a classic British Meat Time tradition.

Check out its Meat Time Platters, which are designed for two to three people and come in three choices. Frito Misto is a mixed platter of deep-fried fish, calamari and prawns, served with Bradley’s tartar sauce. BBQ Meats Board – the most popular one – is a combination of slow-roasted 300 grams of Australian brisket and 300 grams of striploin steak served with barbecue sauce. Bradley’s Roast Chicken is a whole African marinated chicken served with two sides. Along with these meat dishes is a tea selection by JING. Opt from Bohea Lapsang black tea, Jade Sword green tea, Yellow Gold oolong tea, White Peony white tea, and Whole Chamomile blended tea.

The signature British Meat Time package comes with one choice of platter and two choices of tea and sells at IDR 250K.

Meanwhile the entrée options are quite wide, from Pan-Seared Norwegian Salmon to Striploin Steak & Eggs, Fish & Chips and African Spice Roasted Chicken – all worth trying.

Its Scotch Egg – unexpectedly tender on the inside within a crispy exterior – is a major hit. Think soft-boiled egg covered with minced beef and panko flour, fried to perfection and served with potato wedges, green salad and chipotle tartar sauce. Many have taken to pairing it with Yellow Gold tea.

The restaurant is open daily for Meat Time from 10.00 to 22.00 and until 23.00 on weekend. Well-crafted food with a pleasant twist – that may be what Bradley’s Kitchen is all about.

Asyariefah R.A.

Asyariefah R.A.

Born into a nature-loving family, Asyariefah enjoys the outdoors. Now! Jakarta provides her favourite collection of narratives with a sense of helping establish her identity. Some of her key areas of expertise include human interest, arts & culture, travel and features.