Grand Sahid Jaya Jakarta welcomes Mare Nostrum, a Mediterranean restaurant that offers an authentic soul of Spain and vibrant culinary collection. Photos courtesy of Mare Nostrum/NOW!JAKARTA

Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas, brilliant minds behind the restaurant Campartir Cadaques and Disfrutar Barcelona spend their time in Indonesia to design Grand Sahid Jaya’s Mediterranean restaurant, Mare Nostrum, a new culinary destination in the city that will inspire its guests to appreciate the authentic flavour of the handcrafted dishes inspired by coastal Spain.

Of course, it’s not the first time for people to taste the Spanish or Mediterranean dishes, as many restaurants already have similar concepts to local foodies. Mare Nostrum brought the Mediterranean dishes to the next level through its swanky international gastronomy advisory project that involved native chefs to create the menu and help design the concept of the restaurant.

Mare Nostrum literally means “Our Ocean” in Latin that translates into the soul of the restaurant’s ambiance design and of course, its vibrant food and beverages. Inspired by Meditteranean culinary culture, Mare Nostrum demonstrates a modern casual attitude that allows the guest to embrace the dynamic demeanor without caring too much about formality.

Dining area.
Dining area. 
City view from the lounge.

Nestled on the 18th floor of the hotel, MareNostrum is the instant getaway to hustle and bustle of the city, hosting its guests to the comfortable setup that allows one to enjoy their meal and drinks without disruption. It’s up to the guest whether to sit down in the dining area or lounge.  

A big arched window, the accent of gold, wood surface, and marble finish are the practical artistry of lavish Spanish colonial home in Barcelona that matches with the muted-white ceiling and the shade of blue in the details of the interior. With the view of Jakarta’s skyscraper, one might feel like living in a bubble inside the room that reverb an atmosphere of dry summer and warmest spring in the Western Meditteranean sea in Europe.

For those coming in a group, Mare Nostrum will be introduced the guest with the culture of sharing popularly known in Spain where many of the dishes are designed to enjoy together. Developed by Chef Oriol Castro, the menu is perfected by the duo of gastronomy expert, Chef Zatruch and Casañas who act as advisors to craft the final menu to be offered to patrons. Each dish has its own philosophy, created with expertise from three chefs who have received prestigious recognitions including Top 5 of the Word’s Best Chef, two Michelin Stars, Best Restaurant in Barcelona and Top 10 Best Restaurant in the world. Their knowledge of world-class gastronomy will even make one curious about Mare Nostrum has to offer.

 Octopus “a la Gallega” with bacon and potato foam.

Acapulco, a mix of Tequila Anejo, Ginger, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, and Rosemary.

The food is authentic but it will still fit local tastebuds. Start the experience at Mare Nostrum by having Salmon Fritters “Bunoelos’ with Citric Air or  Creamy chicken “croquetas”. Taste the seafood dish such as Octopus “a la Gallega” with bacon and potato foam, Octopus with Garbanzo stew and spinach, as well as Seafood Fideuà that give one a sensation of the original Mediterranean dish.

Share the big portion of Roasted Spring Chicken with Sweet Potato Purée for the entree or indulge the fresh flavour of Suckling Pig served with Iberico Ham and melon. Try a combination of two creamy dishes with Slow Cooked Egg with potato foam, mushroom, and truffle and complete the meal with Vitello Tonnato, a combination od tenderloin cut, tuna, with creamy mayonnaise. A mouthwatering Creamy Cheesecake with Cherry Sorbet and fresh Crystal Fruit a la Mare Nostrum are among the dessert that will fill your palate with happiness.

At the bar table, professional mixologist provides handcrafted cocktails for your daytime companions such as Port Lligart, a mix of gin, rosemary, and pineapple juice as well as Manuya, a perfect blend of white rum, passion fruit, and melon purée. Moskow Mule, Crema Catalana, and Marrakech are versatile beverage, suitable for pairing during the day or evening. Don’t miss a gentle summer punch by sipping Acapulco, a mix of Tequila Anejo, ginger, lemongrass, grapefruit, and rosemary.

“All our menu is developed with this sharing culture in mind, so bring your friends and enjoy the dining experience like never before,” said marc Mallolas Castro, Managing partner of Mare Nostrum Jakarta.

Mare Nostrum is open daily from 11am until midnight. On the weekend, the restaurant opens the service from 11am on a lunch time to 2am.

Mare Nostrum Jakarta

Grand Sahid Jaya Jakarta, 18th Floor
T: +62 812 8762 0750
IG: @marenostrumjkt
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Rintang Azhar

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