New Season for El Asador South American Wood Grill & Brew
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El Asador, the South American restaurant in Kemang, South Jakarta introduces its new modern look and refreshes its menu for fans to experience. 

After a recent revamp, the popular Argentinian-Uruguayan restaurant aims to bring a fresh new feel in the favourite spot where patrons could experience different atmospheres and a list of culinary offers, inspired by eclectic wood-grill eateries with rustic touch unique to Southern American establishments. The restaurant preserves its signature touch by bringing Parilla (an open-fire grill) through a range of premium steaks, meat cuts, other local favourites, including new dessert and winter beverages on the menu.

New Season for El Asador South American Wood Grill & Brew
T-Bone Steak

Under the leadership of Chef Wigar Ridzki, El Asador presents an array of fresh and heartwarming appetizers such as Nachos Soup, Mushroom Soup and Pumpkin Soup as well as Pumpkin Salad and Provoleta Cheese. Don’t miss the tantalising Tomahawk, a perfectly cut grilled on the bone, ax-shaped, rib-eye steak with weight above 600 grams served with additional side dishes. Another signature offring is the hearty T-Bone Steak, a juicy strip-loin and tenderloin chunks separated by a T-shaped bone, grilled to your liking. The addition of El Asador’s Chuck Ribs, a tender grilled beef short ribs served with an additional side dish and traditional chimichurri sauce is available on the menu to pamper meat lovers further. 

The restaurant also provides a creative creation of signature El Asador Sandwich made of toasted bread stuffed with mozzarella cheese and devoured with a traditional spicy meat stew (chili con carne). Charipan, — a crusty bread stuffed with a delectable slice of lamb chorizo served with chimichurri and friend fries — is definitely comfortable dish for any occasion.

New Season for El Asador South American Wood Grill & Brew
Dessert Platter

For a dessert, El Asador has created Dessert Platter which consists of moist baked brownies, apple crumble, and tres leches (milk cake), a triple distinctive profile of delicacy that will stimulate your tastebuds. Churros, a popular Latin deep-fried dough dessert served with dulche de leche and Submarino, an Uruguayan and Argentinian version of hot chocolate which popular during the winter season are ready to serve for guests who look for mouthwatering dessert.

A total of 50 exquisite wine options from around the world are provided for food pairing with El Asador’s steak dishes. Through the new decor and ambiance, bar and an open-air section establishment are built to host all kinds of gatherings, from farewells to birthday parties to even live-sport events.

Whether loyal fans or new guests, El Asador is up to welcome people with a warm casual environment where one could celebrate the moment and share the good dishes.

El Asador South American Restaurant

Kemang Point Building Ground Floor
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 3 Bangka
Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta
T: +62 21 7182206 
IG: @elasadorjkt
FB: @elasadorjkt

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