Starting from 1 August 2023, ARTOTEL properties will be presenting three signature dishes that will be the staple of the restaurants in most of their flagship hotels. Curated by the Corporate Executive Chef of ARTOTEL Group, Rendiputra Pratama Saroengallo, these ‘Nusantara Delights’ pay homage to the national cuisine, served with a contemporary twist.

With new fusion foods and modern interpretations, a lot of eastern dishes can lose their identity, erasing the very core of what makes them distinct and unique. That is certainly not the case with these new dishes launched by ARTOTEL.

Chef Rendiputra knows his Indonesian food well, and uses his Swiss culinary background to really elevate their presentation and finesse, rather than to veer away from authentic flavours. The first is Nasi Goreng Kemangi, which has already been a staple dish from ARTOTEL, the popularity of this dish inspired the Chef to expand offerings by introducing two other dishes beloved throughout the archipelago. 

Salmon Woku, is a modern take on the traditional Woku sauce from Manado, North Sulawesi. The sauce is made from thickened Woku broth, a little sour and savoury with a small kick of spice, paired with pan-fried salmon, cooked until medium, topped with sambal dabu-dabu to add some texture and an extra bite. Butter rice stir-fried with cuts of green beans and sweet corn are served alongside the dish.

Last, inspired from the Jabodetabek region, Chef Rendiputra creates his own twist on Laksa with his Laksa Iga. A piquant combination of ingredients in a rich coconut broth of spices and beef. This bowl of goodness combines fall-off-the-bone short-ribs, pulled roast chicken, boiled egg, fish cake, vermicelli, long bean and fried beancurd.

Adding to these new signature dishes, ARTOTEL certainly has created accompanying cocktails as well. Once again drawing on Indonesian ingredients, ARTOTEL’s Corporate Restaurant & Bar Manager, Novianto Benito, has created two special cocktails made with ingredients that can be found in most Indonesian dishes. These are testament to his 20 year experience as a mixologist.

If the west has Bloody Mary as their savoury alcoholic drinks, now we have Kuah Kesuna Ceku, made from infused rum, kalamansi, soursoup and cayenne pepper; a sip of this cocktail takes your palate to a spoonful of soto broth. A new take on Indonesian sweet drinks is the Jaka Nangka, made from bay leaf-infused gin, tio pepe sherry, jackfruit puree, green truffle oil, vanilla syrup, lemon juice and coconut water.

These new culinary creations and libations are available through all of ARTOTEL’s flagship properties, offering a new way to savour Indonesian flavours. | @artotelgroup

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