The joys of Friday happy hours and Sunday brunches seem to exist as mere memories. The buzz of beach clubs, whirring motorcycles, and other every day soundtracks are lost and replaced by the humdrum of social distancing. Whilst the world is sitting in collective – seismologically-recorded! – silence, we invite you fill in the void with a line-up of awfully relatable tracks embracing the life of solitary and recluse.

We’re alone in this together.

Don’t forget you can tune into all the below songs on this specially prepared Spotify Playlist.

With the authorities now denying entrance to beaches and other public places, the island is slowly approaching a soft lockdown. Most of us are quarantined at home, left with a series of cancelled plans and nowhere to go. Teleworking has become the normality (for those who can), and online delivery services are more readily available than before; we are encouraged to self-isolate entirely and minimise risks of contagion whenever possible. When staying home on work days has lost its appeal and in its place, lonesomeness creeps up; seize the day, make the most out of your quarantine and live like no one’s watching. Here we raise three cheers to a newfound social club, population: one.

For a reminder that seclusion can be jolly:

Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol

An upbeat ‘80s classic that works anytime and anywhere. In the shower, kitchen, untouched corners you’ve yet to call refuge. Surely it’s no floors of Tokyo, just the mirror’s reflection — so raise a glass and don’t clink too hard.

For an extra boost of melancholy:

All By Myself by Celine Dion

When all you can do is stare out the window like a forlorn character out of a Hollywood movie, Celine Dion hits the right spot (and notes).

For when you’re doubting a trip to the grocery store:

Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash

Don’t let the indecision bug you; order online.

For the umpteenth reminder of why the world is in quarantine:

Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees

All jokes aside, the government worldwide have urged us to social distance for a reason. Stay home, save lives, and stay alive!

For when the excitement of future plans cannot be contained:

I Want To Break Free by Queen

“I have to be sure / When I walk out that door / Oh, how I want to be free, baby.”

For when pining for fellowship on the other side of a video call:

I Only Want To Be With You by Dusty Springfield

What’s a better way to express your longing than by serenading those currently intangible with this vintage love song. Your rendition of Dusty’s mezzo-soprano will undoubtedly ring beyond the receiving end’s speakers.

For when you realise isolating on a paradise island is actually a life of luxury:

Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks

Being in quarantine on a tropical island… it could be worse. Bask in the Bali sun and count your blessings, with Ray Davies’ atmospheric music-hall twist to set the mood.

For the daydreams by the pool:

Dreaming by Blondie

Dream, dream for a little while. After all, dreaming is free. This fast-paced Blondie staple will park your head in the clouds, whilst your feet graciously dipped.

For the fortunate ones with a quarantine partner:

I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany

When the beating of your hearts is the only sound; crank up this ‘60s bubblegum pop, hold on to one another’s hands, and reminisce some better days together.

For when the repressed affections awaken an inner hero/heroine:

I Melt With You by Modern English

The romantic lyrics and bright beats might fool your ears, but this ‘80s new-wave love song is more apocalyptic than meets the eye…or ear. With Robbie Grey stoically singing about stopping the world and saving the human race, the band’s most successful single was written to express England’s economic downturn at the time which the frontman described as a ‘bleak place’.

For perking up for a weekend sans plans:

Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry

When weekends no longer take place on the dance floor, give yourself a self-proclaimed deejay title and channel your best dance partner. Play your buttons right, you could get the whole neighbourhood lit up and recreate the scenes on Italian balconies following the country’s lockdown.

For when you realise how mundane some social settings can be:

Casual Party by Band of Horses

Confronting adult narratives with sharp nostalgia and brutal honesty, the Washington rock band’s easy listening number touches on how outgrowing repetitive social gatherings can feel like and the life of introversion isn’t as bad as it seems.

For when the lone wolves turn poetic:

An Illustration of Loneliness by Courtney Barnett

Courtney’s deadpan singing style, teamed with witty, rambling lyrics about laying awake and counting cracks on the wall in French makes this indie tune an unlikely yet awfully relatable soundtrack of the pains of these strange times.

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