One of the perks of living in Jakarta is the affordability and abundance of great spas. While the city’s overbearing traffic and inadequate infrastructure can cause headaches, the perfect antidote is never far away in the form of the city’s countless and diverse range of spas.


From luxurious five-star hotel spas, to stand-alone humble havens, it’s not difficult to find an appropriate place to pamper yourself here in the city. One place that should be on your list is Sense by Jari-Jari. Nestled in the busy Terogong Raya in South Jakarta, Sense by Jari-Jari is a modest yet serene sanctuary for those who yearn for some effortless quiet time. Stepping into the spa, you will instantly feel the calming vibes through the dimmed lighting and floral fragrance which fills the Japanese-style interiors. Sense’s friendly therapists are happy to explain exactly what available on the spa menu before you commence.


Sense by Jari Jari offers several delightful treatments inspired by massage techniques around the world, from Bali and Java, to Sweden, Hawaii, Thailand and Japan. The venue is quite intimate with only four spa rooms and three comfortable reflexology chairs. Sense’s signature body massage is a good option for those who are merely feeling drained and in need of relaxation. Promising to alleviate pain and loosen up any muscle tension, this intense massage is complemented with calming essential oils. For those with skin problems due to pollution or stress, Sense’s Body Scrub is a wiser choice. Carefully created to deeply cleanse and replenish, Sense’s special scrub will lift the veil of dullness and make your skin look younger and healthier instantly.


If you don’t want to brave the traffic, Sense by Jari Jari offers home treatments too; just call and their expertly-trained therapists will be at your doorstep to give you that boost you need from the comfort of your own home. Sense by Jari Jari is open every day from 10AM to 10PM and home treatments are  available to order by 8PM at the latest.

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