Piaggio: A Brand that has Stood Against Time
Marco Noto La Diega, Managing Director of PT Piaggio. Photo Courtesy of PT Piaggio Indonesia/NOWJAKARTA

Managing Director of PT Piaggio Indonesia, Marco Noto La Diega shares his view on how Vespa has persisted through generations, the size of Indonesia’s Vespa community and the brand’s future plans.

You have held the Managing Director position at PT Piaggio Indonesia since 2013. Would you mind sharing your take on Piaggio for the last six years or so?

I feel that the past six years have been a very exciting journey for PT Piaggio Indonesia, with improvements in several touchpoints. In the beginning, there were two brands only in Indonesia, Piaggio and Vespa. Since then, we have added Aprilia and Moto Guzzi, enriching our portfolio in line with the growing search of the Indonesian market for sophisticated and premium products. Our portfolio is now richer and more complete, and we can proudly offer to our consumers more exclusive choices, from lifestyle scooters to iconic bigger motorbikes, for a whole range of mobility solutions.

We have been growing not only in terms of brands, but also in terms of product variants for each brand. Proper rationalization has helped us to determine the specific product to bring to the market and to segment at best our product range. Taking as example the Vespa range, today we have segmented our offer into 3 main categories to better cater the specific needs of our audience: “Entry” segment for the youngsters, “Core” segment to serve the main demand, and “Top” segment for the most advanced big body Vespa for demanding riders.

We have also expanded our presence in the country with more outlets with refreshed engaging retail design as per our latest corporate identity called ‘‘Motoplex’’, to provide a premium and exclusive experience to our customers.

Overall, I believe the journey has been successful as we have created a stronger relationship with the customers and communities across the whole Indonesia.

Vespa itself has been in Indonesia since the 50s, inspiring countless communities and influencing the lifestyle of many. What do you think makes the brand such a huge hit in the country?

Arriving here since the 50s, Vespa surely shares a long history with its Indonesian audience. The legacy however does not arise uniquely from the time passed, as it stems also from a story made of personal passion and emotion.

For many Indonesian Vespa lovers, like many Italian ones, Vespa has been a treasured companion in many occasions of life. The dynamics are like my personal story always filled with Vespa, from the first ever small Vespa 50cc to the bigger classic Vespa PX 150cc during my youth, up to the most recent Vespa GTS 300 I currently enjoy riding in Jakarta. There is, therefore, a Vespa for each age, a Vespa to capture the best memories, like in a tradition that you would tell your generations for the years to come.

As you evolve over time, so does your Vespa, yet maintaining its original spirit. Vespa is therefore classic and modern at the same time, with its heritage past always reinvented in a modern interpretation. Simply said, Vespa is a timeless icon, and this is what makes Vespa a huge hit in Indonesia.

How involved is PT Piaggio Indonesia with communities and movements from the brand’s enthusiasts around the country?

I am very proud that Indonesia has the second biggest Vespa community after Italy, with approximately 50,000 Vespa lovers riding classic and modern Vespas. This unique mix represents our strong connection to the country, making the communities an important part of our presence in Indonesia.

We constantly interact with the communities, both by involving the community in our PT Piaggio Indonesia’s events, and vice-versa by involving ourselves in the community’s events held in the major cities of Indonesia.

Communities are therefore an integral part of our strategy, and this is something we will keep doing in the long run. A little hint for NOW! Jakarta readers: Indonesia is chosen to be the host for Vespa World Day 2020 in Bali, so we expect a huge community engagement and a great moment of celebration and excitement.

Could you tell us about one of the brand’s current signature products here in Indonesia?

As said before, PT Piaggio Indonesia offers four brands, each being iconic and unique. For each one of them, I want the best signature product to be available in Indonesia, in order to meet the sophisticated market demand for premium differentiation.

For Vespa, this year we are pleased to bring Vespa GTS 300 Supertech, the latest release to the highest-level of the big body Vespa GTS, equipped with the most powerful 300cc engine and advanced technologies. It is the best big Vespa ever, a guarantee for unique excitement.

For Piaggio, we will introduce very soon the latest edition of the well-known three-wheel vehicle MP3 500 HPE, now equipped with a more powerful engine with convenient reverse gear. It is a product for a fantastic riding experience for smart urban mobility.

For Aprilia, in recognition of Indonesia big audience for Moto GP, we are bringing the new Aprilia Shiver 900, sure it will satisfy the thirst for adrenaline and speed, while being also a versatile motorbike suited for urban usage in terms of comfort and handling.

For Moto Guzzi, we have recently added the latest Moto Guzzi V85TT, an “all-terrain” motorcycle for both on-road riding and off-road experience, suitable to live at best Indonesia to explore its breathtaking natural landscapes and to live its dynamic city lives too.

Fundamentally, for each brand we are pleased to offer the best in class products.

What new releases or events can we expect from PT Piaggio Indonesia in near future?

Our journey in 2019 is still busy for the rest of the year, as we will have several new exciting product launches, not only in Vespa, but also for the three other brands under PT Piaggio Indonesia.

Continued outlet expansion nationwide is also in the pipeline. We want to enable more customers to access our products, to enjoy our lifestyle accessories lineup, and to experience the reliable service provided by our skilled network mechanics.

In support of the above, we will clearly continue with a comprehensive marketing communication in all touchpoints, for inclusive offline and online engagement with our customers and communities.

Essentially, we will continue our premiumization roadmap strategy, built on four strategic pillars, in order to provide the best Italian premium experience: product excellence, unique dealership network, genuine parts and stylish accessories. We will obviously complete above by continuing interaction with our strong community base, ultimately resulting in a stronger ecosystem that drives our company forward.


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