Little Tokyo is a relatively small square behind the Blok M bus terminal. As the name suggests, the compound hosts various Japanese restaurants, bars and karaoke studios and has long become a favourite spot in the city for many Japanese expatriates and food aficionados.

Sushi Kawana, a restaurant located in the middle of this area, is a true treasure for Japanese food enthusiasts. Established for almost twenty years, Sushi Kawana has always stayed true to its commitment to serving only fresh and authentic Japanese dishes, from the day it first opened its doors until today. As first-timers, we decided to try the Omakase course consisting of eight dishes. In English, Omakase means “I will leave it to you” – a fine tradition that allows the chefs to create a special menu selection for their guests in order to give them a unique and memorable dining experience. The Omakase course starts with various appetizers: Tako okura (Octopus with Ladyfinger), Ikura Oroshi (Fish Roe with Grated White Radish), and Kamo Rosu (Roast Duck Breast with Rolled Omelette). It was followed by Ika-Ebi Shuto Yaki (Marinated Squid with Prawn), grilled on a hot stone. It was the third course, though, that was my absolute favourite; a fine selection of Sashimi, consisting of tuna, sweet shrimp, mackerel, and halibut. The fresh-from-the-sea fish had subtle flavour, delicate texture and vivid colours – simply addictive!

Our Japanese culinary adventure continued with Cawanmushi (steamed egg custard) served with foie gras, followed by Wafu Hotate Gratin (Grilled Scallop with brown crust breadcrumbs) and Ise-ebi Karaage (Deep Fried Lobster). The seventh course, Dobinmushi or sushi with soup in a pot, was a unique treat for sushi fans. Without any artificial toppings, this dish’s core strength is the freshness of the fish and the special seasoned rice. Our Omakase journey finally ended with a homemade caramel ice cream which was a bit too sweet for me but still good enough to cleanse my palate after such a big meal. Call it love at first sight, but Sushi Kawana has jumped to the top of my favourite restaurant list after only one visit. The restaurant proves that one doesn’t need many ingredients in order to create beautiful and delicious food,  as long as the products are fresh and of high quality. Besides the Omakase, Sushi Kawana’s  a la carte menus are equally appetizing. Among the restaurant’s  top-notch and most popular dishes are Salmon Carpaccio (Raw Salmon with Shoyu Dressing), Wafu Kaki Gratin (Grilled Oyster with Brown Crust Breadcrumbs) and Gyu Sukiyaki Nabe (Wagyu Hotpot, with Egg and Udon). Overall, we had a great dining experience at Sushi Kawana. It sure won’t be long until we come back again to explore more of what this restaurant has to offer!

Sushi Kawana

Jalan Melawai 9 No. 18
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
T: +62 21 722 0291