For more than ten years, The Sanur Village Festival (SVF) has been a community-focused event that brings people of all walks of life together for 5 days of festivities in the peaceful coastal village. This year’s SVF has adopted the theme “Tat Twam Asi”, meaning “I am you, You are me” in Sanksrit, aimed to emphasize the festival’s sense of community and togetherness that has been so strong over the years. The festival hopes that this new theme, which originates from ancient Hindu teachings, will inspire and motivate people to enjoy the very spirit of the festival.

WO - Sanur Village Festival 2016 is __Tat Twam Asi__

From the 24-28th August 2016, SVF XI will see a host of activities taking place in Sanur: musical performances, food bazaars, Bali culinary challenges, underwater coral plantation, traditional Jukung boat races and competitions, fishing tournaments, art parades or showcases and much more. There is a little something for everyone at SVF: families, youth, elderly, all will find something to enjoy.

The Sanur Village Festival started in 2006 in an effort to revitalize and revive the local communities, industries and tourism after the Bali Bombings. Now, the festival continues to uplift artists, the creative community, culture and the very spirit of Bali through its many events, as well as helping to improve awareness of social and environmental issues. Sanur Village Festival is a big part of the ‘summer events’ in Bali and anyone here during those days should definitely see what it is all about!

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