One of the biggest premier hotel groups in Southeast Asia, Archipelago International, is bringing Indonesia’s culinary delights to its 46 participating Archipelago hotels across Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo and Celebes with their “Satay Treats Everywhere”. Starting from October to December 2023, this program is set to immerse guests in the exquisite flavours of Indonesian cuisine, namely the quintessential Indonesian dish, satay. 

Made from skewered, grilled meat and bathed in aromatic spices and savoury sauces, satay has captivated not just the hearts and palates of native Indonesians, but also people worldwide. It is loved for the tenderness of its meat, the blend of its flavours and the way it is consumed, one big plate of satay for all, embodying the Indonesian togetherness at the table.

“Satay Treats Everywhere” is an opportunity to embark on a culinary journey across the Indonesian archipelago. Offering a wide range of satays, from Sate Maranggi at The Alana Yogyakarta, Sate Padang at ASTON Bojonegoro City Hotel to Sate Ayam Kuah Mojoroto at ASTON Banyuwangi. Every satay menu is crafted by the talented chefs at each participating Archipelago hotel, determined to ensure the authentic taste of Indonesia and showcase the versatility of flavours from this beloved dish. 

“Satay is a gem in Indonesia’s culinary repertoire… That is why we at Archipelago are excited to offer this promotion to our guests and share the flavours of Indonesia’s beloved satay. With ‘Satay Treats Everywhere,’ we aim to celebrate the diversity of Indonesian cuisine and provide our guests with an unforgettable culinary experience,” Winston Hanes, Vice President for Operations at Archipelago International, said.

Whether you’re a fan of Indonesian cuisine or a newbie in their culinary game, this offering surely will be the most suitable introduction for you. Visit their website to make the most of this delectable offer and follow @archipelagointernational on Instagram to get the latest updates and promotions. 

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