Alistair Speirs explaining what Say Yes to Less programme is in a workshop in Bandung
Alistair Speirs introducing Say Yes To Less programme to Bandung. Photos by Alfonsius Aditya/NOWJAKARTA

After conducting successful workshops in Jakarta and Bali which gathered more than 100 brands that are willing to commit and implement more sustainable practices including waste segregation and using eco-friendly appliances, Say Yes To Less spread its wings to West Java!

Fully supported by the Hilton Bandung Hotel, representatives from 70 different establishments gathered for the first ever Say Yes To Less workshop in Bandung.

Focusing on the food and beverage industry, the seminar aimed to bridge available waste solutions by inviting the best solution providers to present their ideas and services.

The workshop was opened by Alistair Speirs, Founder of NOW! Jakarta and Chairman of MVB Indonesia, who explained about the importance of segregating waste, reducing food waste and using eco-friendly appliances specially in the F&B industry, and that to change we need to do everything together, but most importantly we should listen to experts who have the skills , knowledge and experience to overcome the challenges faced by the industry .

Next we heard from the Secretary of the Bandung City Office of Environment and Cleanliness, Dedy Dharmawan, S.Pd., M.M.Pd, who strongly encouraged all F&B establishments to start doing the implementation of reducing and segregating waste or asked the help of the provincial state. Dr. Ir. Mohamad Satori, MT., IPU, Chairman of Waste Bank of West Java as the next speaker, explained about how the waste bank association can help to facilitate and process the waste, and many other ideas.

Bijaksana Junerosano, Founder of Waste4Change, shared tips and information needed on how to segregate and reduce plastic waste, and offered their services to collect and separated waste, to then process it to their recycling centres. A service not yet available in Bandung, but essential if the city will succeed in its battle to combat waste. The discussion was then continued by David Christian, Founder of Evo & Co., who introduced new solutions to eco-friendly packaging which based on seaweed and other organic bio-degradable materials.

Next speaker was Rendy Aditya Wachid, Founder of Parongpong who has consulted to many businesses who are looking to reduce their food waste or organic waste to landfill and find creative solutions by using aBio-thermal process to compost all organic waste. Last speaker was Kevin Girard, General Manager of Hilton Bandung Hotel who shared their successful program on segregating waste, reducing food waste, recycling used soap and using organic farm to table supplies in cooperation with a local farm.

This was the first phase of the Say Yes To less program, with the aim to make all of the F&B industry aware of the solutions available in the city and actually do something to reduce its impact on the environment.

Say Yes To Less is a collaboration between NOW! Jakarta and MVB Indonesia together with expert partners in waste management.

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