Soeasana Restaurant is a newly opened dining outlet in Puncak, West Java, that brings a bold new take on ‘Nusantara’, or the archipelago’s culinary offerings.

Located on the sloping hills of Puncak, in the midst of the rolling Javanese mountains, Soeasana Restaurant offers a chic and tropical ambiance, with an open bar that overlooks the valley and allows for a breezy panorama of West Java. With woven bamboo seats, plush cushions in earth tones, and adorned with wood and grey accents, this restaurant presents a contemporary space in which to enjoy great food and great views.

Now, ‘Haute Cuisine’ is a term that’s rarely used when describing Indonesian food. Soeasana Resturant’s Chef de Cuisine, Muljadi Tantra, is making a daring innovation to incorporate the concept of ‘high cuisine’ into the nation’s culinary offerings, emphasising meticulous preparation and careful presentation with intricate techniques on authentic cuisine from across ‘nusantara’. Elevating the dishes into something that’s opulent, while still respecting its identity. 

Drawing inspiration from the diverse history and cultural tapestry of the Indonesian archipelago, Chef Muljadi and Soeasana’s culinary team spent more than 6 months studying the depth of Indonesian dishes and cooking techniques.The menu has been carefully curated to bring out the symphony of distinctive Indonesian flavours, where traditional dishes undergo an haute cuisine transformation, making each item on the menu bespoke in its cooking process, taste and presentation. 

One of the highlights of the menu is their ‘Ayam Betutu Kahyangan’ cooked in a Moroccan red clay pot called tagine, where the conical lid allows steam to circulate during the cooking, creating condensation that falls back into the chicken meat, keeping the dish moist and more tender than the usual cooking method. This intricate process and carefully thought technique is what makes Soeasana’s take on Nusantara Haute Cuisine worth the chance to explore. 

Other dishes such as ‘Gulai Cumi Bunting’ with an added aloe vera twist, and ‘Papiong Sapi Toraja’ cooked inside a bamboo in open flames, are also among the many lists of menus that offers not only a unique and bold taste to the palate but also pay an homage to the diverse flavours of Indonesia, while also pushing the boundaries of innovation and gastronomic artistry. 

Those who seek to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Indonesian cuisine should be enthused to have a taste of the Soeasana Restaurant’s Nusantra Haute Cuisine experience. The restaurant certainly takes dining experiences to a new level in the Puncak area.

Soeasana Restaurant

Jl. Sindanglaya Raya No. 180,

Cipanas – Puncak, West Java

+62 821-1877-1994


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