Students from Australian Independent School recently presented their artworks at AIS Art Show. The annual event aims to further develop the students’ creative skills and encourage an appreciation of different art forms starting at a young age.

Students from preschool 3 to Year 6 presented their original artworks at AIS Art Show to a very appreciative community. The theme of their works ranged from animals and humans to nature and landscapes. They created both creative 2D and 3D works in the form of drawings, paintings, collages, prints and photographs.  

Throughout the year, students have been introduced to new and varied techniques as well as renowned artists and art movements. Sculptures by Year 5 and 6 students were inspired by the work of Alberto Giacometti, allowing them to look at the movement and proportion of figures in art. Year 1 students learned more about expressionism and the work of Edvard Munch to produce their own ‘Scream’ paintings. Preschool 4 students discovered shapes and images found in Miro’s paintings and created their own chalk drawings.

Parents came to support their children at the event, which was enlivened by vocal and string performances, as well as an auction where the collaborative artwork that students had created with their class teachers were up for sale.

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

Rintang is a previous staff writer for NOW! with experience in hard news and lifestyle journalism. He specialises in art, design, culture, fashion, environmental, and urban issues.