Kitchenette honoured breast cancer awareness month of October with their annual We Heart Pink campaign. Photo courtesy of ISAMAYA/NOW!JAKARTA

Kitchenette’s We Heart Pink annual campaign returned this year with a sharing session and workshop intent on increasing awareness over the second most common type of cancer in the world.

Kickstarting the campaign, Kitchenette invited breast cancer survivors and industry experts to the launching session hosted on 30 September 2019 at Kitchenette Senayan City. Titled CONQUER: Powering through breast cancers, one step at a time, the talk show and sharing session was featured in NET TV’s weekly show, IPOP, where Imelda Theresia and Jeanne Pangaribuan shared the story of their victory against breast cancer, as well as treatments, steps to handle stress and preventive care that they needed.

Painting Workshop.

The discussion was followed up by Dr. Nia Novianti Siregar, SpPD from RS Kanker Dharmais as she talked about early detection and how to supress the likelihood of getting breast cancer. Community members from PopBela, Pink Shimmerinc and members of the media attended the event to help promote awareness of breast cancer to the larger public.

Kitchenette is organising a charity program selling Special Pink Macarons in all Kitchenette outlets in Jakarta.

In addition to working alongside growing organisation Pink Shimmerinc, which is the go-to community for anything breast cancer related, Kitchenette is also organising a charity program selling Special Pink Macarons in all Kitchenette outlets in Jakarta at IDR 55,000 per piece. The special edition maracons were available throughout the entire breast cancer awareness month of October, and 100 per cent of the macaron sales were donated directly to support medical expenses for breast cancer treatment through selected foundations.

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