Once the business of settling into life in Jakarta is done, it’s time to find a community to socialise with, to network with, and to establish one’s roots, even if temporary, in the city. One of the ways to explore the country is to join the intercultural club or organisation. NOW!Jakarta has curated a list of communities that also include networking opportunities with Indonesians.

Jakarta International Community Choir (JICC-Choir) is one of intercultural organization which run art performance programs that allows the members to support charity throught their involvement in events.
Photo courtesy of Jakarta International Community Choir/NOW!JAKARTA 

Jakarta Players
Jakarta Players is non-profit, multinational community theatre group that provides English language entertainment for Jakarta’s theatre-loving community. By joining Jakarta Players, members can also act in productions with a cause where proceeds from the shows go toward charity.

Jakarta Free Spirit Running Club
Among the many running clubs in Jakarta, Jakarta Free Spirit Running Club is the friendliest. The running club organises weekly meet up groups for runners of all abilities and ages.

Jakarta International Community Choir (JICC-Choir)
Jakarta International Community Choir is a community choir made up of expatriates and locals, especially who are interested in music. Directed by Bernice Nikki, JICC-Choir frequently hosts a series of performance which open for all ages (commonly for teenegers and young adults) and invites the member to join with charity show.

Jakarta International Community Choir (JICC-Choir)

GoWild! Indonesia
For those who like to explore nature, GoWild! Indonesia is a non-profit group of volunteers that organises guided trips to places of floral and faunal interest in Indonesia. Patron Nick Andrew, attendees from Indonesia and elsewhere often join GoWild! to take part with challenged activities from gentle strolls, hikes, and boating which are suitable for all ages.

Indonesian Heritage Society
Indonesian Heritage Society is a renowned international cultural organisation based in Jakarta. Expatriates  join study tours, explorer groups, evening lecture series and study groups to learn more about Indonesian culture.

Wine and Spirits Circle
The Wine and Spirits Circle is a wine lovers club based in Jakarta, Bali and Lombok. The club organises monthly gatherings, sends out a newsletter and provides access to great wines! The Club meets on the last Friday of each month at a different venue each time for wine tasting and dinner.

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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