“What would you do if you had one more day to live?” This is the question being posed to young adults through a Rachel House initiative called “The Living Wall”. Rachel House provides home based palliative care for underpriveliged children in Jakarta living with advanced stage illnesses like cancer and HIV / Aids (see "Focus on Rachel House" for a full interview with Rachel House’s founder, Lynna Chandra).

Palliative care, even in the western world, is a relatively new development focusing on the holistic treatment and care for those with terminal illnesses. As well as treatment and pain management, palliative care focuses on supporting patients and their families with the confusion and mental pain associated with these kind of diseases.

The idea behind asking young students about how they would spend their last day is to raise awareness of the plight of children living with life‐limiting illnesses, to show children how precious each day is and how we should never take our lives for granted.

If you, your children or your school would like to participate in this great initiative, you can set up a real “Living Wall” in your school, follow the Living Wall facebook page, or visit their website to write on their virtual wall.