While grocery shopping and buying fresh ingredients from the market is a challenge these days, these digital platforms offer solutions for budding home cooks. Photo courtesy of SayurBox/NOW!JAKARTA

Residents of Jakarta and neighbouring cities have been limiting their activities outside during the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), with individuals and families spending less to eat out, opting instead to cook at home.

Without going to the local market or wholesale store, people can now order fresh vegetables, fruits and other ingredients for their home cooking during self-quarantine with these digital platforms. Also available as mobile apps, these inventions offer essential goods directly from farmers within the supply chain. These platforms provide organic goods as part of achieving a mission to empower the local economy, a more conscious lifestyle and support a more inclusive distribution among purveyors. 

As these e-commerce sourcing farmer products increasingly gain reputation during the Covid-19 outbreak, consumers are expected to be mindful that delivery may not arrive immediately. It is always recommended to order one week before running out of stock.


In collaboration with more than 30 local farmers in Jakarta's surroundings, SayurBox is one of the most popular famer products e-commerce right now. Providing different varieties of fresh and organic products from vegetables, protein, fruit, carbohydrate, herbs, spices to seasoning products, SayurBox offers many choices of ingredients for home cooks that are transparent and of high quality products. One is able to purchase different products in one basket or buy a farmer's products with a recipe kit, which is also good for amateur home cooks to try out new experiences. SayurBox offers free delivery for orders above IDR 150,000. Currently available in Jabodetabek (Greater Area Jakarta), individuals and families at home could also explore specific characteristics of the products including hydroponic vegetable, gluten-free products and natural goods. Make sure that you register an account to be able to order all of those locally-sourced products for your daily cooking inspiration. 



Available in the Greater Jakarta Area, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang and Bali,  TaniHub is an emerging online supermarket that provides a platform for local farmers to have direct access to the buyers. Established with three pillars; Agriculture, Technology and Social Impacts, TaniHub brings the farming community together as part of creating a future of the Indonesian agriculture (Agri-Tech). TaniHub features different categories of the products, such as Somerville (Fruit), Vis (fish), Fowler (Poultry) and GoldFarm (Veggies) as special fresh product provided by local farmers and purveyors. Here, one could buy retail products and put them on the cart or purchase staples packages (Sembilan Bahan Pokok). Easily accessible within your fingertips available on Android and iOS, Tahub is ready to deliver your needs for freshest ingredients for cooking at home. 


Happy Fresh

Known for its offline store in many cities across Indonesia, Happy Fresh also provides grocery shopping experience in digital platforms through its website and mobile apps. Happy Fresh offers a wide range of daily goods, from vegetables to winery products. With the help of personal shoppers, consumers could have the best products available, whether imported or locally sourced products. Register an account, set up your delivery location and discover fresh daily goods from the closest supermarket. Happy Fresh is currently collaborating with Grab Indonesia to provide their services on the Grab app. 




Similar to the other platforms, Etanee collaborates with six different purveyors and the local farmer's community to provide online supermarket experience to its consumer at home, bringing the order without having to go to the market. Besides, they provide an online catalog of daily goods from vegetables to proteins, Etanee also has a food-to-go service in partnership with D’Colonel. 


Kecipir and Brambang

Taking inspiration from the names of local vegetable and herbs, Kecipir and Brambang are two different platforms that have similar experience of online grocery shopping with many different choices of the products. Providing fresh local products to processing food ingredients, these two platforms give one an added value of information related to the products where the consumers could choose the best products possible for their needs. With Brambang more likely to be an online supermarket, Kecipir also facilitates anyone, farmers out there, who want to sell their products on the digital platform.

kecipir.com and brambang.com 

Aside from those online farmer’s markets and supermarkets above, one could also discover similar products from other platforms such as Tukangsayur.co, RegoPantes, Carisayur, Nyayur, and Tumbasin.id. Some of these platforms directly connect consumers to the local traditional market in the region. 

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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